Monday, May 6, 2013

Monday 4/29/2013 – Sunday 5/5/2013

Monday we just did the usual things. Also saw a girl long boarding and was impressed. Ended up kinda messing up the map of our area that we have been making. During planning I fell backwards on my ball while trying to show Elder Smith how to toot like the guy on Dumb and Dumber. It was so funny and we were laughing so hard.

Tuesday we had our District Meeting, went on a trade off with the other Elder Smith, helped Brother Gunn, Brother Booren took us out to see Kyler which fell through so we tried to see TJ, a potential, and ended up teaching the Mcguire's. Biked to the Jordan's for dinner and then went to Sister Milanak's for a lesson. Brother Cline came with us which was great. She told us her conversion story of how her friend was reading the testimonies of The 3 Witnesses and she told her friend that what was happening had happened before. Then she saw a snap shot of the same thing happening in the pre-existence. She said that while this was all happening that the room looked foggy except for her friend that was reading to her. Her friend looked as clear as day.

Wednesday we had interviews with President and Sister Jensen. It was very uplifting, I really love talking to them and being around them. They always uplift and make everything even better than it already is. Sister Jensen told me that iPads will probably be in the mission a bit after I go home and they will be used for everything. Area Book, Scriptures, etc. Then we went and did college stuff. I figured out that I will probably go to SLCC and I also looked into LDS Business College. They are both pretty inexpensive from what it looked like. Then we went and got an oil change and ate Wendy's. Then we talked at Pep Boys with a couple and they took a BOM and a Family Proclamation. Talked with Richard (gator) for a while. He was out busy in his garden though. Talked with a member, Sister White, for a bit and then went to Brother Allen's. Talked with him and taught about the Atonement.

Thursday was weekly planning. We also saw Sister Ainsley and then later we talked to the Howell kids. We were trying to get in touch with Sister Howell. Got stuck talking to a guy that wanted to bash, so I ended up leaving and that was a pretty good strategy because it made it so Elder Smith had to leave to. I just told the guy to keep following Christ and how it is great that he does and then left. Then we had basketball and we had like 20 guys there so it was sweet!!

Friday we ended up helping Elder and Sister Knudtson with the apartment and shopping for the soon to be Fox Run Sisters apartment. It is a crazy cool time to be a missionary with all these new Elders and Sisters coming in. Highlights of today were eating with the Iosefa's and then going to see a man by the name of Bruce at the hospital. That is about all we were able to do. Been a weird week.

Saturday I ate so much today so I ran for the last 15 minutes of the night. Did some sit-ups and push-ups too. We met a lot of people, got 2 new gators and a lot of potentials. Ate at the Schiewe's and they are awesome! Time to pray and go to bed. May the 4th be with you! Star Wars day baby!!

Sunday we had fantastic meetings! The spirit was so strong. I credit it mostly to the 3 little kids that bore their testimonies! We taught Trish and Brother McArther came with. She accepted a June 8th baptismal date! Had a great dinner with the Eilertson's. Brother Eilertson is in the Bishopric. Then Brother Schiewe came out. That appointment fell through so we went to the Porter's to see Kiani and Cody who were recently married. Cody is a non-member. Then Brother Schiewe took us home. We then studied because we never got to.

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