Monday, April 29, 2013

Monday 4/15/2013 – Sunday 4/28/2013

Monday was a good P-day. We had dinner with the Jordan's which was pretty fun, then taught Marcy again. I didn't feel that I taught very well, but she is so golden that it didn't matter. Spirit felt good at the lesson.

Tuesday we had District Meeting and Elder Snow is a great District Leader! Then after we went to Sonny's and had all you can eat ribs! Sooo Goood! Had a lesson with Sister Simmons and it went pretty well. Everything else ended up falling through. Went to Taco Bell and got a kids meal because I wanted the bball cards that came with it. Found 2 new investigators today as well.

Wednesday I had to bleach a few shirts because my sunscreen turned the bottom of the sleeves yellow. Rode our bikes to some potentials and met Robert who had an awesome testimony of God. Had dinner with the Watkins and Elder Smith almost died on his bike but was able to jump off and not die. Had a good lesson with the McGuire's. Elder Smith prayed for my wet tie because it rained all day. Elder Snow also asked me to take my pants off. I was wearing Lakers pants and apparently he isn't a Laker fan.

Thursday we did weekly planning as always. Met Sister Chasen who recently moved into the ward. I almost wrecked on my bike and we were yelled at by a "Bible Baptist" while he was driving past us. He yelled "repent". Had dinner with the Seale's then we had Thursday night basketball. Not as many guys showed up today, but the message at the end went pretty well. Then we practiced our comedic act for Zone Conference. Elder Smith farted while practicing kissing with his hand.

Friday we saw the Sneary's and their daughter is going to be coming home this upcoming week. Had lunch with the Iosefa's. Brother Iosefa said a lot of really nice and encouraging things to us. It is so awesome when that happens and the ward seems to trust you. I met Charles, a former investigator, after that and we learned a lot about the Catholic church. Headed home to get picked up by Brother McArther to go to Milino at the top of our area to see some less actives. We met Brother Walters, the Munoz, Hobbs for the second time and Brother Pate. Brother Pate hunts anything that you can think of - gator, deer, you name it.

Saturday a guy came and fixed our kitchen light and the ceiling fan blade that I accidentally broke off the other day. Then we biked to Pine Forest's our suits. None of the people that we invited came to it, but it was still a really good baptism. Went to a lesson with Michelle. Brother Eubanks came and helped us teach and that was awesome! She asked great questions the whole time! Then we saw Kyler, an 11 year old former, and we are going to start teaching him again. He wants to go on a mission! Saw some less actives as well. Then we met an older couple, the Thompson's. They are way nice and we talked to them and they told us that we could come back after Mrs. Thompson was healed from her knee replacement that she will be going in for soon. Then we ate with the Schoonover's which was fun. Their grandkids were there. Then we taught Sister Thomas about missionary work and talked to her about inviting some people to her home and them talking to us a bit. Brother Cline came to that because he is awesome. We also met a couple of really nice people outside of her apartments.

Sunday church was so good!!! I got so much out of it. I was in the spiritual zone! Then we went out and got to talk to Marcus and pick him up as a gator. We also picked up Trish. She used to be an investigator, so now she will be again. Went on a night walk and talked to a really nice security guard about the church. Wasn't really interested though. We went home and Elder Snow called us and it was great to hear his beautiful voice.

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