Monday, April 15, 2013

Monday 4/8/2013 – Sunday 4/14/2013

Monday was our P-Day and we mostly ran around like chickens with our heads cut off. Shopped, mailed a package, emailed, laundry and we also played some ping pong on our kitchen table. In the evening, we taught Marcy the Plan of Salvation and it seemed to go pretty well. She is a bit scared to split her family up if she were to be baptized. Great lady though! She is so ready for this!

Tuesday we had a really good District Meeting. Elder Snow is our District Leader and he really knows what he is doing. I was put in the "Hot Seat" and everyone just asked me questions for about 5 minutes. It was pretty fun! Everything else fell through, but we met a lady named Heather and saw some less actives, then fixed Elder Smith's flat tube.

Wednesday we did service for the Jennings' and then shared a spiritual thought with Brother Jennings mom. She is a non-member and she is in her 90's. Such a sweet kind lady! Elder Smith needed to replace his bike tire so we went and got one of those and I got some "Foster Grant" sunglasses for when we are biking so that crap won't fly into my eyes. The fact that they had the name Foster in them sold me on them. We saw a less active lady named Sister Ansley, saw Brother Gunn (less active) and Sharon (gator) and taught Sharon. They think they are married so we tried to teach them that they aren't and that they need a marriage certificate to be lawfully wedded. They said that they were married by God. Then we saw the Curry's who were going to feed us but that fell through. They are awesome though!

Thursday we had our weekly planning and it was good! After that we went to see TJ and he wasn't home because he got sick and went to his grandma's. So we talked to his mom for a while.  She is way, way nice! It was way stormy so we headed in to do some work and create some white boards that will help us to be more organized. Brother Iosefa was supposed to pick us up for dinner, but that fell through and he just brought us a pizza which was really good! Then we biked to the church for our basketball night in the way rainy weather. Found out later that there were tornado warnings. My socks were so soaked so I ended up playing in just my shoes. I played pretty well though. Best part was that we had 7 non-members there. Shared a message with them and the Relief Society had an event so they brought some sandwiches out for us all to eat. Then we went out to find out that Elder Smith's bike had a flat tire. So we walked to Hillcrest Baptist (2nd biggest church in our area. The biggest is Olive Baptist which is also the biggest church in the mission) and locked up our bikes because Pensacola insisted on them taking us home. Very nice of them and the member that they were with, but in all reality we would have got home at the same time had we walked.

Friday we went and got our bikes from Hillcrest Baptist and ended up biking a lot. Met a guy named Angel and he is legit! We taught him a lot and he asked a lot of questions. We referred him to the Pine Forest Elders because he lives in their area. Also raked some leaves with Angel for a bit and got to know him pretty well. Had dinner with the Schoonover's. They are so funny and I laughed my butt off!! Rode around the rest of the night and tried to contact a bunch of people with no luck. I also got a really bad sunburn from biking.

Saturday we headed up to Brewton, Alabama, for the day of service that the Stake put on. Fun and I added to my sunburn a bit. I keep forgetting the sunscreen. We raked dirt to loosen it up and then planted wildflower seeds at a park up there. They had some other projects that some other people did as well. They had about 150 people show up because of the Church's efforts and we tore that place up and did work!! The whole Zone of missionaries was there except for just 1 senior couple. The Sisters somehow sucked us Elders into a game of tag with all the little kids. That was pretty fun though. That was during lunch when we had some hot dogs and some burgers. We rode up and back with the Walke's from our ward. They are really nice and it was fun to get to know them a bit. We got home and changed and studied and went on a 45 minute ride to Sacred Heart Hospital. Bridget (gator) was there with her 4 or 5 month granddaughter, Nevaeh is her name which is heaven backwards. We went there to give Nevaeh a blessing. She was very fussy and then Elder Smith showed her a picture of the Savior and she quieted right up. It is so cool that little baby's will recognize Jesus when they see him. She is so cute and has an awesome name! Then we headed home.

Sunday was my first week in this ward because last week was General Conference. We started off the day interrupted by Brother McLeod who is the High Priest Group Leader. As soon as we answered the door he just walked right in. We aren't supposed to have members in our apartment. So he just started talking to us about who we have seen. Then he counts that toward home teaching. Kinda grinds my gears, but God knows what is really happening. You can't fool him by saying we are doing it. He is great though and really tries to magnify his calling! Then he took us to Ward Council and I got to meet the Priesthood and Auxiliary leaders. We also set up the Sacrament because there are not many young men in this ward to do that. Great meetings! Marcy (gator) also came to church which was way awesome! Had studies after church. Brother Brook's and his daughter, Jenna, brought us food because something came up and they couldn't have us over. Then we biked our butts off and saw Sister White for a few minutes and then taught Brother Gordon (less active). Biked home to end the night.

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