Monday, April 22, 2013

Monday 4/15/2013 – Sunday 4/21/2013

Monday was chaos, but we got everything done. Taught Marcy, and Sister Judkin's was there, and it was sweet! We taught the Plan of Salvation a bit more. Good lesson and Marcy now has a baptismal date of May 18th.

Tuesday we had Zone Training which was good. We have some great missionaries in the Zone. We had a lot of fun with role-plays. Then after that, we helped the Pensacola Elders move. They stayed in the same apartment complex so it wasn't too tough. Ate dinner with the Lindburg's. They are a sweet old couple that remind me of my Grandparents. Brother Lindburg uses a walker and has trouble getting around and is very quiet just like my Grandpa. Then we met a lady name Geraldine and later we met Richard. Geraldine took a BOM and Richard said we could come back and we set up an appointment. Then we taught the McGuire's a lesson. The oldest daughter got teary and hopefully that means she felt the spirit.

Wednesday we first stopped by a member’s house named Jimmy Stewart. He has been going through a rough time. Great guy though and he is a very good painter! Met Miss Land on the way home from there and gave her a BOM. Saw Sister Long as well and taught her about the Priesthood organization. Dropped by the Schiewe's and Sister Schiewe committed to do a couple things for her friends. Taught the Abbott's about the Restoration and they enjoyed it and committed to read and pray about the BOM! Had coordination with Brother Price. He is a sweet Ward Mission Leader! Then we ate dinner and called some people.

Thursday we had our weekly planning and it was way good. We set some good goals and made some good plans. Had some dinner and baseball with one of the many Smith's in the Ward. Brother Smith is in the Stake Young Men's. Then there is Bishop Smith and President (Elders Quorum) Smith. They are Brothers and then their Dad is in the ward too and I will call him Papa Smith. Then we played basketball with a ton of non-members and gave them a message at the end. My basketball skill is so far gone! Today was cool though because everyone bore testimony of how they knew God was real! It was sweet!

Friday we just went around randomly and tried to contact a ton of people that we planned to see. We had a lesson with Sharron and dropped the baptismal date on her. So she has a date of May 25th. We have a few things left to work out with her but she seems to be seeking. Visited with the Iosefa's who offered to feed us so we accepted. Then we headed to Sister Hall's, Taught her and Lester a bit and then we headed back to the Iosefa's for some food! Then we went around and tried to contact some more people.

Saturday we started by biking and as we were biking we saw a couple softball games going on. Elder Smith said he met a girl that volunteered at it. It was a league called "The Miracle League" and it’s a league for handicap people; so I said well we could go and FSU it. The FSU Elders would go to big crowds and wait for someone to talk to them. So that is what we did and, by the way, this is such a great idea for these kids that are handicapped. While we were watching a girl named Becky came up and started asking us a ton of questions and we ended up giving her a BOM and also 3 pamphlets. She also invited us to a Russian Bible study group at PCC (Pensacola Christian College) that was later that night and we told her we would go. Then we went to a formers house and talked to Jackie for a while. Somehow the topic of a girl named Sarah came up and we came to find out that she is from Roy, Utah (Elder Smith lived in Roy) and has the same birthday as me. She is also Jackie's cousin. Then we remembered that she was the same lady that we were looking for the other day but could not find her so we left a note in her PO Box. We don't have an address or anything so we asked Jackie to ask her if she could give us her info. It is just meant to be for us to meet or teach Sarah! Had dinner with Sister Platt and then we went and walked around a car show for a few minutes to see if we could OYM. Then a lady just came out of nowhere and hugged Elder Smith. She has a son out in the Tampa Mission named Elder Smith so we talked for a minute. She is just visiting up here and she is from Utah. Then we went and made a map at Office Depot. Then headed to PCC and Becky and her sister took us on a tour of the campus. It is very nice! They have bowling, pool, ice skating, volleyball, basketball, badminton and the largest rock climbing wall in the country. Then went to the Bible study and it was really good. They have some pretty good hymns and that talked about how worship isn't going crazy and partying and what not. So that is right along with our beliefs. They have a ton of crazy rules there though. We almost got out of there without anyone yelling at us, but right at the end some guy came up and had a bashing mentality and tried to tell us what we believed and that we aren't Christian. Great day overall though.

Sunday we had a good Ward Council. Church was good as well. Marcy and Sharon both came! We had dinner with the Brook's which was good. Sister Gray called us and told us to come get a ton of chicken she had made so we did. We also saw the Jaurez Family and the Ryder's as well. They are both great families. They are sadly inactive right now, but we can fix that. Now we are watching a movie called "Our Heavenly Father's Plan". It is a corny, but a great church film.

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