Monday, April 8, 2013

Monday 4/1/2013 – Sunday 4/7/2013

Monday I ball'd it up! I also found out I will be transferred to the Fox Run Ward in Pensacola, Florida. I will miss Tallahassee, it was a fantastic area. This is not an April Fool’s joke...

Tuesday consisted of everything falling through and a lot of packing. Had District Meeting as well and played some "Name That Tune". My last one as District Leader, I am just going to be a Junior Companion in Fox Run. Our dinner with the Lawson's fell through, but we went there anyway because Brother Lawson was really sick and asked that we would give him a blessing. So we did and they also gave us some pizza. I was happy that we were still able to go there and see them because I love the Lawson's. He also told us we were great missionaries and that meant a lot because I have always kind of looked up to Brother Lawson. Then we headed home so I could pack. It was so funny because I was able to pull the whole "if your hand is bigger than your face you have cancer" thing on Elder Lovell. He fell for it and I hit his hand into his face! HAHA oh it was funny!

Wednesday I met Elder Smith my new companion. He is pretty awesome and is a really funny guy. I think we are going to have a lot of fun. During transferring I rode in a van forever and talked to Elder Norton the A.P. He is way cool and we had some good conversations about Michael Jordan and the Lakers. I also saw a lot of old faces like Elder Olsen, Elder Cornelius, Elder McPhearson, Elder Wright and Sister Rapleye and a lot more as well. Met a lot of the Fox Run Ward as well and had some "Chili Pie" at the Eubank's house. We also had Coordination with Brother Price our Ward Mission Leader. He is really cool and seems like a really good ward mission leader.

Thursday we had weekly planning then went to a lot of places that fell through. Had a lesson with TJ and then dinner with the Booren's, then played basketball with a bunch of non-members. I sucked and then we taught a little lesson to them and headed home. I also got hit in the eye and that felt really great! haha

Friday we went all over and I met a ton of people. I met Mike Ley (less active), then Jennings and their non-member family, the Seller's (recent convert), and a bunch of others as well. Very nice ward in this area. I am sill transitioning but I think this ward will be great to work with.

Saturday Conference!! It was fantastic and I can't wait to get the Ensign! Met some more ward members at Priesthood. We saw Bridget at her yard sale. She is was nice and seems like she is prepared and ready for this gospel. Can't wait to teach her a real lesson.

Sunday Conference again!! Elder Holland had a fantastic talk! Unfortunately Conference ended. We got TJ, our Investigator, there and also got Rose and William there. They are two of the McGuire kids, they have an awesome, huge family! Had dinner with the Jordan's as well. They are cool and it was pretty good food. Mom's candied yams are way better!! Then we saw some potentials. Walked in to a wall of methane at Walgreen's... Almost killed us... Good week! I am excited to work hard and get to know Fox Run! Let’s DO WORK! Love y'all back home!

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