Monday, April 1, 2013

Monday 3/25/2013 – Sunday 3/31/2013

Monday I forgot to write in my journal but it was just a normal P-day.

Tuesday I got sick after basketball so I ended up sleeping from 9:30 last night to 8:30 in the morning. Then I sat around trying to feel better. Got ready and had companion study and left at like 3:40 to go and proselyte. Had a good lesson with Nero! We ended up just reading with him for a bit. We ate dinner at the Bishop's and then chatted with Elder Lovell a bit. Basically trying to build his confidence. Then had FHE at the Looney's! They are awesome! Talked about some deep stuff with them.

Wednesday was a rough morning again so I slept in a bit late. I had permission from Sister Jensen so don't worry. She told me to get a lot of rest. But we had a good day we just tracted a lot and found a new gator. Saw an inactive named E. W. Massey that is now a preacher at another church. Had dinner with the McClellen's. It was so good! Taught Tabatha and Brother Barabash came with and we had an FHE.

Thursday weekly planning, lunch, then helped Marsha again with a tree. We dug a hole and planted a tree. Then cleaned up for dinner with the Casey's. We had some egg rolls and rice. Then I interviewed Jarquecce and Xyqoia for baptism and they seemed very ready! Then we had a lesson with the Hood's. They are awesome and very fun to talk with.

Friday we had a lesson with George Turner a less active. Met Renea and we are going to teach her. Also Elder Lovell needed to use the restroom so we went to Kohl' restroom. So he got a tie that I wanted and found, but then he wanted it so I didn't want the same tie as my comp. Then we used the restroom at Target and got some beverages. Had dinner at the Russell's and a lesson at the Tucker's.

Saturday a lot of peeps canceled on us. Pretty good day though! We ended up having to wait on FSU to bring back our car so we did what we could at the house. We saw the Stuckey's and tracted, saw Linda Allen and also the Brumby's who tried to bash with us basically. Then we met Cam'Ron. Nice guy, took a BOM and he said we could come back.

Sunday was EASTER!! Happy Easter and it was great today! Fantastic church lessons. We had an appointment that we took Keith to and it fell through. Headed to George's again to watch an Easter movie with him. We watched the Lamb of God. Had dinner at the Matkin's which was really good! Soft Taco's! Tracted a bit and also saw the Delong's who were a referral. That was an interesting experience because their daughter answered the door and she was probably like 16 or 17 years old. She was wearing sweats and a bra... so that was odd. Then she left and I thought she was going to get a shirt on but nope! She just came back and told us her Mom said it wasn't a good time to come by. Then we stumbled upon a less active family while tracting named the Espinoza's and they told us that we can come back another time when their parents were home.  I have also found out today that I will be transferred to the Fox Run area this Wednesday. It is in the Pensacola Stake.

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