Monday, March 25, 2013

Monday 3/18/2013 – Sunday 3/24/2013

Monday I forgot to write in my journal so it was just a normal P-day from what I remember.

Tuesday we had District Meeting which was good. Elder Lovell gave a nice little lesson on bearing testimony. Today we tracted a lot, got gas, Nero fell through, saw a couple less-actives, had a great dinner with the Clawson's, Had more plans fall through and then tracted even more.

Wednesday was awesome! We taught Collis about the rest of the Restoration. He had a very big desire to learn more, which we don't think is good. He wants way too much at once and wants all the answers. We went to Mary', but just ended up setting up another appointment. We met a new Gator name Nathan who seems pretty promising. Taught him about the Book of Mormon and what it is. We picked up Keith and had dinner at Sister Walker's home. Chicken Alfredo! We had a lesson with Kenrick and he ended up just talking a ton and we barely said anything.

Thursday we had appointments so we had to split up our weekly planning. Went to see Artez and he gave us a fake address so we talked to a lady. Elder Lovell froze up during the door approach and had a bit of a meltdown. He doesn't talk very much so I am trying to give him some more opportunities to do so. We later went and taught a lesson to Tabatha about FHE's. That was a good lesson and next time we hope to have one with her so she can see how it is. Went to Jamie and Dave's place for a lesson, but ended up talking because they are going through a very rough time. So we talked and gave him a blessing that Brother Beyer offered. There were a bunch of non-members there and we got to share a bit about the gospel with them. Dave was also teaching them about the Book of Mormon. It was awesome!

Friday was Tucker's birthday! Happy Birthday Tucker! We went out to see less actives and met Jeff Poole who we hear about quite often, but had never met. He was at the Cantella residence and had just gotten there when we showed up. We asked for referrals and one of the little kids told us to go see Jordan who ended up being his friend. So we headed over looking for the barn mailbox that he told us about. Found it and was able to give a Book of Mormon to Jordan's dad. We also met Sister Simpson another less-active which was really good. Her husband isn't a member and we gave her a BOM because she didn't have one and she said to call her in the next couple weeks to set up a time to come by. Had some good food at the Herrington's and then taught the Tucker's and then made a lot of calls.

Saturday we walked 4 miles to Jamie's in the rain because we didn't have the car. He invited us to a BBQ and it was fun even though we didn't get to eat because the food wasn't ready. We got a ride to a BK right next to our house. So I grabbed a couple burgers at Burger King and ate them as we walked home from there. We picked up Keith and headed to Sister Malone's and taught about prophets. Keith shared his testimony which was so good!! He cried a bit. We ate at Stevi B's and Keith told us not to tell his mom he cried. They made a bet and if he cries while testifying then he owes his mom 5 bucks. So we ended up going there and sharing a message with them and told her and she was happy about it and had a good laugh.

Sunday we woke up at 5:45 today so we could go to PEC. I didn't fall asleep ‘til around 12. At like 11:30 I heard gun shots. Heard 3 and then a bunch of screaming and then 2 more and then some silence. Comforting! I bet you'd agree Mom. Then we had 4 gators bail on church. Lost Collis yesterday as a gator. but Dave made it to church! He enjoyed it very much as well. Brother Tensmeyer called on me in Elders Quorum and gave me 4 elements and told me to tell a story. I did pretty well to be honest and it was a pretty good story. The four elements were a sandwich, a baseball bat, aliens and Humphry Bogart. We also had dinner with the Gunn's and that was delicious! They are awesome!! We also saw Carly. Her boyfriend was called to a Utah mission, but I can't remember which one. We contacted a bit at Lake Ella and talked to a family that seemed willing but we didn't get a return appointment or any info. Good day though!

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