Monday, March 18, 2013

Monday 3/11/2013 – Sunday 3/17/2013

Monday was not the most normal P-Day in the world. We started off by not having our car so we walked to email. We also learned that the policy for email has been changed and that now we can email friends, family, ward leaders and recent converts. Then we shopped really really fast so that we could go to Genghis Grill to eat with President and Sister Jensen and all of the Visa waiters that got their Visa's. Then we said bye to Elder Stewart. He is going to be a great missionary! Then we went home and cleaned then contacted a referral named Nicole and set up an appointment. Elder Lovell and I had a good conversation also and I got to know him a lot better than I ever have. We also had dinner at the Hodge Berkeley home. Keith's mission call came also so we got to eat and he opened his call. He will be serving in Boise, Idaho! He is going to be awesome!

Tuesday we had Zone Training and after we got Elder Brewington. He is an FSU Elder and they split up all the campuses for spring break. So we got him for a few days. Today we went a lot of places to tract with not much success. Had dinner with the Jones family. It was delicious and we also had FHE with the Looney's, which is always fantastic!

Wednesday was awful! The bad that happened: We first talked to an Atheist and he told us that faith is just stupid and that Science proves religion wrong. We also got yelled at by a drunk guy who was using very vulgar language, so I did rebuke him because it was messed up and I felt the spirit telling me to or I wouldn't have. Also, the GPS glitched out at one point and took us to McDonalds so we ate there. We also had dinner at the Saul's home and that was pretty fun and good.

Thursday was much better. I didn't have to do any rebuking. We had weekly planning and, hopefully, we will end up having a good week. We got a bunch of referrals from Brother Tensmeyer. We taught JJ again and she told us that she was going to come to church, but I am not sure if she was there. Then we had dinner at the Tensmeyer's, which was delicious! They made pulled pork sandwiches. Then we tried to contact a referral and ended up tracting and met a lady named Connie.

Friday we taught Collis a great lesson today! He is awesome! We also went and saw Delaitre, a less active/potential Elder, and told him we would wake him up on Sunday for church and we got him there! He has lost a ton of weight for his mission. We also got 2 new gators at a gas station. The weird thing is that before we left the house I decided not to use the restroom. Then I really had to go so we stopped at that gas station and met them there. It was way cool! Elder Brewington's companion got back so Elder Lovell and I are back to 2 again. So we picked up Keith and ended up taking him tracting.

Saturday we started the day by planning for the fireside that we are trying have the ward put on. We then picked up Keith because we needed another male all day and every appointment we needed him for fell through. So we tracted a lot! Met a lot of nice people and gave away quite a few Book of Mormons. We also ate at the Beyer's on very short notice so that was cool! Participated in their daughter’s blessing. She wasn't feelin' very good.

Sunday, Good Sabbath! I helped pass the sacrament and we also taught the Elders Quorum lesson. Felt we did pretty good. We also talked more about the fireside with Brother Tensmeyer today. Looks like we should get this moving. We also got back in contact with Tabatha and she is doing well. Her baby was in the hospital with an infected finger. They had to amputate half of the very tip off, so he will be okay now. We also had dinner with the Shannon's and they invited the Tally 2 Spanish Elders: Farnsworth and Shwarts. After dinner, we helped the Tally 2 Spanish Elders help a guy move. We really didn't do too much moving though. We did a lot more waiting. Then we took them home and then headed home.

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