Monday, March 4, 2013

Monday 2/25/2013 – Sunday 3/3/2013

Monday was a typical P-day with basketball and what not. Basketball is always good! We also got to share the gospel while at Walmart with a really nice guy that was behind us in line. Then we all got our hair cut. It also rained a lot and appointments fell through.

Tuesday the only appointment that didn't fall through was with the Hood's. They are a less active family and it is fun to go to their place. We also had District Meeting, which I think went pretty well. It is still kind of weird being up there teaching. I got a lot of involvement from the rest of the District. That night I also scared the crap out of Elder Lovell.

Wednesday we first taught Lydia and her family. Also, taught Alan a small lesson and gave him the BOM on CD. I also got the website for his radio station. It is so check it out! We also saw the Saul's and gave Sister Saul's daughter a blessing. Then we went to Susie's and set up an appointment while she was leaving. Then we headed to the Kelly's for dinner and Sister Kelly had to go to a Relief Society activity that she was teaching at so she left while we ate with Brother Kelly. Then we went and visited with Brother Chester.

Thursday we weekly planned. Then we also had dinner with the Geiger's and it was sooo good! We also contacted a referral and then did language study for Elder Stewart.

Friday we taught a less active, Sister Witschy. She is a convert, but says that she never got a spiritual witness of the Book of Mormon's truthfulness, so we talked to her about how important that really is. Then we tracted a lot! Then we got Keith, but the appointment fell through so we went to the Lawson's because we felt inspired to get a referral from them. I love the Lawson's!

Saturday we tracted Sister Walker's street and talked to some really nice people then we visited with her and asked for referrals and she gave us a neighborhood to tract. We also taught a new investigator name Al about the Plan of Salvation. It was a really good lesson and I think he enjoyed it. Then we tracted some more and met some more really nice people.

Sunday was Fast Sunday and we got a new Bishopric in the ward. Bishop Matkin is going to be going to New York this summer so he was released. Brother Martin was called to the High Council. Bishop Longfellow is now the new Bishop. Brother Lahtinen was moved from 2nd to 1st counselor. Brother Jones was put in as 2nd counselor. It is going to be awesome because I think this is going to be a way missionary minded Bishopric. We also got 2 gators to church. We got Tabatha and we also got Lydia. We don't know why, but Lydia left halfway through sacrament meeting. We also had dinner with the Paget's and then tracted.

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