Monday, February 25, 2013

Monday 2/18/2013 – Sunday 2/24/2013

Monday we found out that our companionship will be the same as it has been. So we get to keep doin' work! Other than that it was just a normal P-day. We cleaned and emailed and shopped and then ball'd it up!

Tuesday we had District Meeting and that was pretty good. I also gave Sister Rappleye a blessing after District Meeting and I actually felt pretty comfortable doing it for one of the first times. Then we had our District activity. We went to Pitaria to eat which is a Greek place and it was way good! Then we had a lesson with Tabatha and gave her a blessing as well as a lesson. I am getting a bit better at this whole faith thing. Then we headed to Nero's, the "Golden" investigator. We taught very choppy, but it was still a good lesson. We also taught JJ after that. She is a less active we have been working with. Then we ate dinner at Sister Walker's. She is such a great lady and the food was great! Then we had FHE with the Looney's. Good day! Actually it was great!!

Wednesday everything fell through. We did teach Lydia about the Plan of Salvation though. We also saw Sister Granger in a recovery hospital type place and read the Book of Mormon with her. Then went to the family history center and did some of Elder Stewart's training and I did a bit of family history work as well for William Nephi Foster. I found a document to attach to him to prove that he is him basically. Sister Kelly also brought us a pizza because they had to cancel on us and she felt bad. It was Momo's pizza which was fantastic! Then we taught Jamie and Dave an awesome lesson. They are so cool and I can't wait to go there again. They both have some way good jokes.

Thursday we had our weekly planning session. We also taught Carly (less active) a quick lesson. Then we taught George who is another less active member. They both want to start coming back to church. Both of my companions fell asleep at George's house and I almost got a picture of Elder Lovell. I was laughing pretty hard about it. Then we had dinner with Brother Gorby our recent convert! It was awesome and I love that guy so much!

Friday it rained like crazy! So we ended up just going to the O'Connor's and Brother Gries’ houses to give them little lessons and see if they could tell us about anyone that they knew would like to hear our message. They are both active members. We also saw a lady named Anne and gave her a Book of Mormon. We had enchiladas at the Clawson's and they were so delicious!

Saturday was way rainy again and wouldn't stop. I do like the rain, but it makes it hard to proselyte. Not too much worked out. We did get to see Sister Malone (less active) and Michelle. Sister Malone is way nice and we will be going back and hopefully be able to get her back to church. We taught Michelle about the Book of Mormon and Joseph Smith and we will hopefully get to teach her again. Went to Chinese Super Buffet and Elder Lovell ran into a car which was pretty funny.

Sunday was Stake Conference and it was fantastic! They all spoke on God's love and everyone was way good! President Jensen spoke as well and he called up all of the full time missionaries to come to the front which was cool to be a part of and I was just thinking the whole time that it was so crazy that I was up there and that I am a full time missionary. It is so unreal! We also had a lesson with the Hood's, a less active couple and they are way cool and we are going to see them again this next week. Had dinner with the Harris' and had Chicken and Shrimp Scampi Alfredo. It was sooo good!! Then we went and taught Mary Copland that we met last Saturday and that was good! This week was really good!

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