Monday, February 18, 2013

Monday 2/11/2013 – Sunday 2/17/2013

Monday we did the usual p-day stuff. Played basketball again!! We then ate with the McClellen's which was some great food! Then we headed to Lydia's and had a little lesson, but she ended up stopping us and rescheduling. Prayed and felt we should go to Tracy's, so we did and set up an appointment. I also decided to buy a giant exercise ball for my study desk and it is great!

Tuesday we had District Meeting which, in my opinion, wasn't that great. I think the first one went better. Then most of our appointments fell through, so we decided to go to Alan's, the blind guy, and talked to him and set up a time to see him. Had dinner at the Lahtinen's. After dinner, a frog somehow got into our car and was hoppin around so we were freakin out for some odd reason trying to get the thing out. So I ended up trying to flick it out of the car, which didn't work. Finally it just went under Elder Lovell's seat so we decided that we would just go to our appointment. While I was stopped at a stop light, the frog hit me in the leg for revenge so I turned on the light, found him, opened the door and wacked him out of the car. Finished the night teaching a less active named JJ. It was a fun night.

Wednesday was slow and everything fell through. We did see the Palmer’s and talked to Brother Palmer about a bunch of struggles and tried to help him out. We also were able to set up an appointment to see Paris in about a week. We also had dinner with the Shannon's, which was too long so I felt way bad.

Thursday was a bit of a blurry day. I started out waking up sick. We did talk to a really nice lady that wanted to read the Book of Mormon, so we gave her one. Then we went to the Maynard's home. They are members and they told us a way cool story. It was a story about their ancestor’s conversion. Their ancestor had read the BOM and thought it made sense so he prayed, but didn't get an answer, so he decided it must not be true. As the day went on, he decided to pray again because he couldn't forget about the BOM. The Lord must have answered him because the next day he told his wife that they were going to get baptized that day. He told her two missionaries would be coming by that day. He said that they would come down the corn field, so they went outside to work. When it was close to dinner time, he told his wife to start fixin' supper cause the missionaries would be hungry. So she did and while they were fixin' supper it turns out the missionaries came walking down the corn field. But before they had come walking down the field the missionaries were actually lost. They couldn't find where they were trying to go so they knelt down and prayed and one missionary said they needed to go down a path, but the other didn't think that made sense. So they prayed again and ended up going down the path into the corn field not knowing why. When they got to the bottom of the field, the Maynard's ancestor ran out of the house and yelled saying, “we're ready to be baptized”. The Elder’s thought it was a joke, but nope it wasn't! They ate then baptized them and then were given a ride to the train which left right after they had got on. The end! We also had dinner with the Jones’ newlyweds and then went and taught Craig, but that was about it.

Friday we went out to Woodville, which is the most southern part of our area. It was fun, we saw less-actives and other members. We also taught the Tucker's. For that lesson, we mainly watched the October 2011 Conference. Then we had a trade off with Tally 1. Elder Wright came to our area.

Saturday everything fell through so we didn't do any of the service we planned, but we had a great day. Tried to contact referrals and less-active members. We also tracted and found some potentials. I had a way random bloody nose, but the good news is that it didn't get on my clothes. We randomly taught Lydia because everything fell through and we gave her a BCD of March 30th!! It was so awesome!!!

Sunday we had to wake up at 5:30 for a meeting that no one told us was cancelled. Had dinner with Brother Dougherty and his daughter. Very nice dinner. We didn't do very much the rest of the day because everything fell through and we had to do our studies.

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