Monday, January 14, 2013

Monday 1/7/2013 – Sunday 1/13/13

Monday was a great day! I got to play both basketball and volleyball! That was way fun and I don't even remember what else happened...

Tuesday we had District Meeting which was good. Then after that we had a trade off with the Campus Elders. Elder Olsen went to campus and Elder Eldredge came to our area. It was a good day. First we had a lesson with Amy and she seemed to be doing well. She is still reading and praying, but it is hectic because unfortunately she is moving back to St. Augustine. Then we went and taught Tabatha which went really well! We taught her about the Plan of Salvation and she had great questions that we were able to answer for her. She is moving towards baptism really well, but we aren't able to set a date with her yet. Then we tracted and found some potentials that seemed like they could be promising.

Wednesday we went and picked up Elder Olsen after studies to trade back. Then we had to go to the doctor for Elder Lovell. Then we went and taught Tabatha again and she is doing awesome. We found out that she can get baptized if she wants and that she wants to go to church she just has trouble getting there. She should be getting her license soon. Then we had dinner and then Family Home Evening with the Ogden's. That was way fun and enjoyable.

Thursday we went to the legally blind guy’s house that Dan referred us to. His name is Alan and he is way nice. He has 20/400 vision and he doesn't use a cane or anything which is impressive. He has his own radio station and has a ton of records that we looked at. Some that he has were Journey, ABBA, the BeeGee's, Beatles and Elvis. Then we weekly planned until dinner at the Lahtinen's. That was really good food! Then we went to the Tucker's and read from the JSH about the first vision. Great lesson! We invited Sister Tucker to pray about whether Joseph Smith was a prophet or not, but she didn't want to so she had me do it. That is something I had never done, but as I did it I felt the spirit so strongly testify to me that he was a prophet. That was so cool!

Friday Dan came over to get some supplies to work on another property so we were able to talk to him a bit and try to help him search for spiritual evidence and not physical. Then we just tracted a lot today and tried to find people to teach. Didn't have too much success. Then we went to the Kent's for dinner and to teach Sister Kent about the gospel. It was a weird lesson and it didn't seem like she really wanted to learn. The spirit wasn't strong either.

Saturday we tried to contact some people again because we have a ton of referrals. No luck so we went to lunch with Elder and Sister Mower. They took us out to Firehouse Subs, which was delicious! Then went contacting again and found a guy that is going to let us teach him. We also met his neighbor who is deaf and we are going to teach him as well. Then we went to teach Paris, but she wasn't home, just her sister, was so we talked to her and found out some good information.

Sunday was a great day! Church was awesome! A ton of great talks and then Gospel Principles was full and it was another great lesson. Priesthood was way good too! Brother Shannon did a great job with his lesson and the Lorenzo Snow manual is great! After church we split up, Elder Olsen took Keith to teach the Deaf Guy and we found out his name is Frank. Elder Lovell and I went tracting and found two solid potentials! Then we had a lesson with the Radabaugh's and talked to them about prayer and scripture study. They also have someone that they are sharing the gospel with and we might be teaching him in the future. Then we had dinner with the Gardner's and they made pulled pork sandwiches is what I think they were. Anyway, they were way good!! Then everything fell through in the evening.

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