Monday, January 7, 2013

Monday 12/31/2012 – Sunday 1/6/2012

Monday we did the usual. Cleaned, shopped, emailed and tried to get a haircut and the haircut places were closed again. Played some checkers and chess too. Then had dinner with the Russell's and that was fun. They gave us a few different types of jams. Then we had to go home because it was New Year’s we had to go in early.

Tuesday was the first day of the year! Holy crap where does time go? I am going to be 21 this year....I am so stinkin old! Well, today we went out and spent most of the time contacting referrals and finding people to teach. We went and saw Walter and decided that we probably shouldn't go there anymore even though we do help him. Usually we just play chess with him, but we found out that we can't do that. Also, had dinner with the Beyer's and had some venison burgers and hog pork chops. They hunt so much and it tastes so much better then beef. Contacting sucked though and we also went to Bill's. He rambled about angels and wouldn't really listen to what we had to say.

Wednesday we went to see if we could contact people that told us to teach them. We weren't able to teach them though, but we did our part. We contacted some members as well and taught some less actives. We also had dinner with the newlywed Jones' family. It was fun, but kinda weird being with people that are our age. Then we went and finally contacted and taught Josh S. He is an atheist and is a really nice guy.

Thursday was weekly planning. Then we headed out to teach Jim. He seemed like he wanted to bash, but we kept it in control and testified a lot! Then we went to dinner with the Oak's and had a really good lesson on faith with them. Then we went to the Tucker's and read the BOM and talked about church, reading and prayer.

Friday we woke up early and went to get DJ. He is a prospective Elder and we took him out with us all day. We started the day going to a lesson with Joshua who likes to talk about Christ and about the similarities. He is going to read and pray, but we probably won't get to teach him again for a while. We then went out to the boonies and split up. I went with DJ and we tracted and had no luck while Elder Olsen and Lovell went to see the Stansel's. Had dinner with the West's and when the dessert was being served, Brother West said, "This stuff will kill ya" and Elder Olsen responded with, "I'm ready to die." Haha! Then we went and read the BOM with a less active/part member family, the Kent's. The best part about the visit was when DJ fell asleep for like 20 or 25 minutes during the lesson. We laughed our butts off!

Saturday we taught Josh again, but he told us he has no desire to know if there is a God. He is planning on reading the BOM though. We tracted a ton as well and also had dinner with the Matkin family. That is the Bishop's family. Then had a lesson with Tabetha and focused on helping her dad learn of why it is important the BOM is true. Hopefully, he keeps reading and praying.

Sunday we woke up early again and had meetings. Had a full class during gospel principles and met a potential investigator through that! She is pretty interested. Had dinner with the Hodge/Berkeley family which was way fun! They are awesome. We also taught Elmore, but we can't figure him out thus far. We also found out that Amy is leaving to St. Augustine which is very sad, but I hope and pray the best for her! She will be fine after all she has the gift of the Holy Ghost! :)

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