Monday, January 21, 2013

Monday 1/14/2013 – Sunday 1/20/2013

Monday we emailed first so we could check the transfer board. We found out Elder Lovell and I are staying in Tally 4 and Elder Olsen is leaving to Pine Forest. I then found out that I am now going to be the District Leader. I am pretty nervous, but I will just do my best. So we shopped quick and then went to FSU to take pictures at the football stadium. Then we headed to the Long's for a delicious dinner of homemade pizza, then had a quick FHE with the Looney's.

Tuesday we had District Meeting and luckily I wasn't District Leader yet because I would not have been able to do it. Then we had some Stevi B's with the campus Elders. Then we headed out to teach Tabatha. She is doing very well! Then we had a lesson with Brother Gorby which was good. Then we went home for Elder Olsen to pack. Then we went to Sister Walker's for dinner and had some spaghetti. Then went home for Elder Olsen to pack some more.

Wednesday was transfers! First we picked up the campus Elders and then Elder Olsen and Prince left with our car so we had no car. So we studied with Elder Eldredge until someone came to get him because he is going home. Then we walked and walked and walked all day! Talked to a ton of nice people and accidently walked through FSU's campus because we were trying to find a house that was near it. We met Oprah...though it was not Winfrey. So it was a good day.

Thursday we taught Betty that we met Wednesday. We can't really tell if she understands the things we are teaching her. Then we weekly planned. Tried to see Oprah, she wasn't home. Then we had some amazing food with the Bishop family. Met some promising people tracting. Then had a lesson with the Tucker's on faith which went well.

Friday we did a ton of street contacting and found a couple people that we are going to teach. Had an awesome lesson with Karsten as well. He is a really cool guy and he wants to go out to do lessons with us. Had dinner with the Tensmeyer's and talked about the Priesthood with them. Then went to set up a few appointments. It's more effective to just show up at people's homes.

Saturday we first helped Amy move and that was pretty sad. I hope the best for her! She is an awesome person and I am so happy I could bring the gospel into her life. She gave us a thank you card and that was so cool to get. Thanks Amy! Tracted then taught Dave, he dropped us. Met a nice guy named Lee when we were tracting, but we can't teach him because he works every single day, but we gave him a Book of Mormon. Tracted some more then headed to a Chinese buffet with Brother Schank which was way good. Then we decided to go and to teach Elmore. That went pretty good, but he just doesn't show much emotion so it is hard to tell if he likes us there.

Sunday we had PEC and Ward Council way early. Then had an excellent church! It just refreshed me. Then had coordination after that and headed home to eat. We had an appointment with a deaf guy named Frank, but it fell through and we waited for a while for our translator, Sister Russell, to get there, but she never showed up. She probably got lost. Hopefully she didn't keep looking and just headed home. Then we had dinner with the Harris' family which was way fun. Their kids ask so many questions so it makes it really fun. Brother Harris also played basketball professionally for 10 years. Never was signed to an NBA team but any pro level is good. Then we went out to see some people and met a lady named Anne. She lived through some crazy stroke thing that I guess really did some damage. She was cool and she was very obsessed by the "Jesus star" as she called it.

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