Monday, December 31, 2012

Monday 12/24/2012 – Sunday 12/30/2012

Monday was a good day. It was P-day and we did the usual, but it was also Christmas Eve. We drove around for a long time looking for a barber, but apparently they all closed early. After our P-day crap was done, we went to the Shannon's for dinner. It was awesome!! We had enchiladas that were freaking good and I was running around with their daughters having a great time. They also gave us biscuits and gravy to eat on Christmas morning.

Tuesday was Christmas!!! We woke up and opened our gifts and I was blessed we could say haha! Thanks to everyone that sent me stuff! I loved my D12 Shirt from my Momma and the package from my Dad was awesome too. I also got a great Christmas tie and fruit snacks from the Kerr's and some stuff from a few ward members back home. Thanks everyone! We went to the Martin's for breakfast and so that we could talk to our families which was so great! I had a great call home and I think everyone else did as well! I was so happy to get to talk to my Mother, Zachary and Todd (Todd is family in my book). Then we also got food from the Lolly's that day and then we went to the Beyer's for Christmas dinner and had quail and back strap which is a type of venison. Then we headed home and I called my Dad and talked to him for a while which was awesome. It was great to be able to bear my testimony to my family and just chat with them about all the experiences that I am having out here. I love all of you back home thanks for your support!

Wednesday we had weekly planning because there was a tornado watch. Then we just went out and tried to contact anyone that we could find. We were trying to go see some referrals, but none of them were home. Then we had dinner at the Beyer's again because they are awesome and we spent way too long there. It is so hard to end conversations with them, so we felt really bad. Not the best day, but we will just push through. I did get my Mom's package and Todd's package today though. They were sweet! Todd sent me a Gotham Rogues shirt and my Mom sent a ton of awesome stuff and delicious fudge.

Thursday was Zone training that was supposed to be Wednesday, but was moved because of the tornado watch. Our baptism goal for next year will be 450! Gotta go out and work hard! Then we went and contacted and met some cool people. We met two guys both named Tom that were way nice and seem like they could accept the gospel some day. We also went to a less active family's home, the Tucker's, and read some of the Book of Mormon with them. They are planning on coming to church too! She asked for a blessing, but we had to go to dinner so we told her we would come back so we didn't have to rush the blessing. So we headed to the Willis' and ate and then headed back and gave her that blessing. At dinner we also found out the Willis' neighbor seems like a promising person to become an investigator.

Friday we went and talked to DJ. He is a young man that wants to go on a mission, but he is less active so we went there and talked to him about heading back and he seems like he wants to go! He will be awesome! Then we contacted all day and found a lady named Amanda and she seems like she is pretty interested! We had lunch with the Geiger's and had some amazing white chili that had chicken in it. For our dinner appointment we went to the Casey's and had chicken and fruit and it was good as well! Then we went home so Elder Lovell could pack up for the trade-off! Elder Wright from Tally 1 is coming to our area for the day!

Saturday was the day of the trade-off with Elder Wright. It was way fun and we worked really hard to try to find people, but we just didn't have any luck. We did see the Stansel's and had a good visit with them. They are reading the Book of Mormon regularly so that is great! We also saw Dwight Webb who is a recent convert, but he had gone off the path and is going to create his own church. Met Robert Guris as well who is also a less active and he was really nice and we had a good little talk with him. Had an awesome dinner with the Clawson's and then headed to the Radabaugh's to fill out the baptismal record for Betty's baptism to finally make that official.

Sunday was a good day. We got to teach a little five minute lesson to the Primary about the first vision. The Primary is the bomb! Just a normal good Sunday. We did have the combined fifth Sunday class and Bishop Matkin talked about a few different talks which was good. We met two people while tracting that were open to us coming back, so we set up appointments for next week and we will see how those go. We also talked to a really nice lady named Sister Baird. Unfortunately, her husband is against the church so she can't make it to services, but she is so faithful and her home teacher brings her the sacrament once a month. She reads and prays and studies the scriptures as well! She is so awesome!!

Have a great week everyone!!

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