Monday, December 10, 2012

Monday 12/3/2012 – Sunday 12/9/2012

Monday we found out Elder Olsen and I would be staying in Tally 4th Ward and we would be getting Elder Lovell and be in a trio. He was in my MTC District. Should be fun! We cleaned a bit, went to see Zach who didn't answer, and got stuck in traffic trying to email. So it took a while to go there so we ended up emailing for a bit, but then we had to leave to go home and take some pictures with the rest of the compound. Then we went back and emailed. Went to the Looney's to have a great dinner and an awesome lesson as well. Then we also had a Butterfinger cake. Holy Sugar!!

Tuesday we had District Meeting which was pretty good. Then since it was the last of the transfer we went to Moe's and had some lunch with the district. Then we tried to go see a lady named Dazia and she wasn't home. Then we did a lot of sifting through investigators and trying to see people and see if they are true seekers.

Wednesday was transfers so we didn't do very much. We did move because we need more room for Elder Lovell. We are still on the compound just in a different one. We did get to teach Dan for the first time and I think we got somewhere with him. He is still asking for evidence though. Then went home to build a bed and then to move in some more. Then Elder Lovell arrived so we had some dinner at the Jones home.

Thursday was chaos. First I had to go to the doc for my ear and found out I have to go to a specialist because the normal doc couldn't tell what was wrong. Our appointments all fell through as well. Just cleaned up all day.

Friday we weekly planned and had to pause to go see Patrick and we dropped him unless he calls us. Got some Krispy Kreme! Helped Brother Martin for 2 seconds then went home and finished our weekly planning. Then we wrote down our testimonies so that we can put them in the front of Book of Mormon's and wrap them. Then we are going to wrap them up and hand them out. Then we went to teach Amy about the Gospel of Jesus Christ and the Law of Chastity. Amy is awesome and is getting baptized the 15th of December!!!

Saturday we didn't put on a shirt and tie all day!! It was so weird! First we helped a lady that isn't a member move into our ward boundaries. Then we went to Marsha and Ben's again. We helped them with their path a bit more and Ben put in some French doors. We also invited them to go to the Handles Messiah tomorrow.

Sunday was good! The Christmas program was today and it was awesome! This ward has a lot of talent! Today we mainly went around and just set up appointments with people that we have been teaching because it is more effective to see them then to call. We did teach Tabatha and her father a bit. He is one confused guy. He knows the Book of Mormon is true but he just doesn't understand what that means. Then we came home and I did a funny... I used the restroom... I got up and was adjusting the rug... Then everything fell out of my shirt pocket... Went in the toilet... I hadn't flushed... So I pocket vomited in the toilet. Then as we were going to bed we kept hearing some weird noises. It was way strange.

Great week and I love you all back home!

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