Monday, December 3, 2012

Monday 11/26/2012 – Sunday 12/2/2012

Monday was almost the perfect P-Day. We got everything that we had to do done.  After the usual cleaning and shopping and what not, we went and taught Tabatha with our member friend Keith and committed her to read and pray daily. We also got her to pray with us there and she doesn't like to do that kind of stuff. That was also her first time doing that. She will also write her husband to get permission to be baptized.

Tuesday we had District Meeting. It was pretty good, President and Sister Jensen came to give us tickets to Handles Messiah that we are suppose to give out to less actives and non-members. We also went to Walter's home, the guy with cerebral palsy, to help him out and so I could lose at chess. I suck at that game, but it is fun to compete. In the evening, we went to Brother Flannery's home with Brother Casey to hopefully teach him more and to get him active.

Wednesday we went to the Ronald McDonald House because the Spanish Elder's couldn't do it today so we did. Then when we came home, our landlord, Dan, was here so we chatted with him and he is finally going to allow us to teach him actual lessons. Then we did a lot of sifting through people to see who are going to be solid investigators. Then we had a lesson with a guy named Lewis. He gets confused easily, but he said if he finds our message to be true he will get baptized.

Thursday was weekly planning and it always seems to last forever. Elder Faulkner also narrated our companionship inventory. Then we went to go see a less active named Birdie Thompson who wasn't home, but there was another less active lady there that we talked with. Then we had dinner and then headed to teach Whitney after that and that fell through. Then we headed to the Looney's to teach Amy. Taught her about the plan of salvation and she really loved it and was excited to have that knowledge and she bore testimony. We gave her a blessing and then left and she gave us her E-cig and her coffee and coffee pot. Then we smashed the pot.

Friday was chaos.  We had to go to a couple people before our studies. Then we went home and studied. Then we went to Birdie Thompson's and chatted with her. We were going to help her with her yard work, but she didn't want any help. Then we tracted around her place all day. We had dinner at the Lawson's and Brother Lawson gave us each a tie! Then we went to the Looney's for Family Home Evening.

Saturday was way successful! We went to the Tally 1 Sister's baptism of Diane. That was really good even though we didn't get any of our investigators to it. Then we taught Bahiru that came to church last week. We told him God would bless him if he reads and prays daily, but we think he misunderstood us and thinks that if he does those things that our church will help him pay his bills if he can't afford it. Then we went to a lesson that fell through so we ended up going to Rosalyn Davis' place. She gave us a little Christmas tree. We found out Paris, her daughter, wants to take the lessons and also picked up one of her neighbors as a gator. Then we went to the Morgan's, the less actives that we haven't taught for a couple weeks. Talked with them about the Plan of Salvation. Then ate at Bishop and Sister Matkin's and talked to the Bishop about a lot of good stuff. Then we went to see Zach and set up an appointment with him. Then we picked up Keith and went to Tabatha's. She wasn't there so we wrote a note and hopefully she will still be coming to church. Then we got stuck in traffic for an hour so we planned in the car and just went home.

Sunday was a good day! We got 9 people at church by our efforts! The Stake President spoke in Sacrament about how to bear testimonies haha. After church we had a great dinner with the Geiger's. Then we went around trying to contact people. We ended up getting an investigator. Then we came home to study, but that didn't happen. We did go to the 1st Presidency Christmas Devotional which was way good! I love this gospel!

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