Monday, December 24, 2012

Monday 12/17/2012 – Sunday 12/23/2012

Monday we went to Dan's house to eat some lunch with him. He made some spaghetti and redeemed himself because before I came out he made some really horrible spaghetti. I am glad that I didn't ever have any of it. We emailed and the TCC Elders borrowed our car and we got stuck at the church for a couple hours waiting for them to get back with our car. Then we had to go to dinner with the Paget's which was good. Then we went shopping right after dinner because we couldn't when we were supposed to do it. I got the Josh Groban Christmas CD! Man it is good! MoTab is in one of the songs which is fantastic!

Tuesday we went to District Meeting which was way fun. Then we went and contacted/tracted. Met a lady that seems like she is promising. Then we went to Walters and played some chess with him and that was good. We try to help him out a bit. Then we went and had dinner with the Bishop family and it was great! They always make way good food! Then we had Family Home Evening with the Looney's. We mainly just answered some questions that Amy had from when she was reading the Book of Mormon.

Wednesday I went to Tally 1 because the Zone Leaders had a meeting and their trainee, Elder McPhearson, needed someone in Tally 1 with him. So we went and we contacted some people. We went and saw a less active/part member family and talked to them a bit about the restoration. They have a son that wants to go on a mission so we are teaching him. We also read with a recent convert that is 9 to help her understand the Book of Mormon a bit. Had dinner with the Delp family which was interesting. Good food! We then went back with our comp's.

Thursday Dan came by with some Krispy Kreme doughnuts because he wanted to give us a Christmas gift so that was it. Had weekly planning and then gave Sister O'Dell, who is from another ward, a blessing. She is in the hospital in our area so that is why we did the blessing and not the Elders from her ward. We also went to Tabatha's and she basically asked us about all the topics we wanted to talk about anyway so that was way cool. Had dinner with Brother Gorby and played some chess.

Friday the world didn't end. What a surprise.......HAHA! Today we did a lot of contacting. Met a lady named Annie and we are going to teach her. Then I accidentally shut the trunk on Elder Olsen's middle and ring fingers. He ended up screaming like a girl haha. He was wearing a glove so there was a bit of padding luckily. He was on the opposite side of the car so I didn't know his hand was there. Then we had dinner with the Looney's and Amy. That was way fun. They gave us "I'm a Mormon" shirts that are awesome. They also gave us a book called "Mormons: An open book". When we got home we pulled names out of a can and mine was pulled out and I won the book!

Saturday we taught a guy named Elmore that we met after I shut the trunk on Elder Olsen's hand. He was quiet, but warmed up to us and seems promising. He committed to baptism also. Then we went to Keith's sister’s baptism and Elder Olsen spoke on the Holy Ghost and did a very good job. We went to see some people and found a guy named Dave as well and he seems like he is way prepared! Then I ate too much at the Nibley's. Great day!!

Sunday was good. We heard some awesome music in sacrament by a few people, including Brother Gorby! Then we taught Annie who we call Sister Gardner now. She can't see very well so we read with her. Then we went and taught Tabatha. We ended up watching a movie called "Joy to the World" with her and she really liked it. We also found out that she got in contact with her husband and he wants the decision to be a family one. So she is still trying to figure everything out. After that, we went and tracted around a referral and found a new investigator. It is awesome when people get placed in your path! To finish the night, we ate dinner at the Longfellow's, which was good but I ate too much meat. This week was awesome!!

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