Monday, November 26, 2012

Monday 11/19/2012 - Sunday 11/25/2012

Monday is of course P-day so we did the usual of cleaning, shopping and emailing. We also helped an older lady finish packing up her stuff to move. She is the mother of a lady in our ward and was really nice. I also got a haircut so I could only write one letter. We also went to the Looney's for Family Home Evening and Amy told us she wants to be baptized! We also watched Elder Olsen's video that he made in high school. It is done pretty well. Then we were running to the car because we needed to get home on time. While we were running my right leg was eaten by a hole and I just biffed it! We laughed so hard!!

Tuesday we had Zone Training and that was way good to be at. The ZL's were way good and so was Elder Faulkner. I even took notes of Elder Faulkner because he was that good! He is going home after this transfer. Went and talked to TJ Davis about receiving the priesthood. We have to get him to church so he can receive that.

Wednesday we went and helped the Ronald McDonald House with a bunch of stuff. Then we went contacting all day. Walked a bit while our car was getting an oil change and we had no luck. Went to Sonny's BBQ and had all you can eat pulled pork and also sliced pork! It was so good!!! That night the Spanish Elders ran in and told us that the family they have been teaching for a long time finally committed to baptism!

Thursday was Thanksgiving!!! Elder Olsen forgot his tag and didn't have it on all day so we called him Brother Olsen haha. We went to the Presidents for a little bit and ate there and then we headed to the O'Conners for some more food! There were a few families from the ward over at their house. We ate and also made gingerbread man ornaments. Then we went to the Looney's and ended up just talking about random crap and unfortunately didn't talk about as much gospel stuff as we would have liked. Missed my Mom's yams though...nothing can beat those! Funny thing happened at the end of the night. Elder Olsen found his name tag in his pocket. He had it all day.

Friday is first of all my cousin Shannon's Birthday so Happy Birthday!!! We had a busy day. Started with Marsha Turner, we helped her finish a path in her yard and she told us an awesome story about the experience she had with her father when he passed away. She opened up to us a lot so hopefully we can get her to listen to our message eventually. After that we headed to Woodville to contact some people. We met a lot of people and had a weird moment by accidentally asking for a guy that was dead. Later we realized we asked for the wrong guy and that the other guy isn't dead.

Saturday was my birthday!! 20 years old! I don't know where the time goes. For some reason we put a bunch of candy in the toilet and they sang happy birthday and then I made a wish and flushed the toilet. Florida beat Florida State which is sad for most in this town. We taught Amy about tithing and committed her to live it and committed her to December 15th to get baptized! When we were home the Spanish Elders ran into our place and gave me Laker pajama pants and that was Sweet!!

Sunday is always great! Had meetings and church as always! Met a guy that the Sisters met named Bahiro and we will be teaching him. He is from Ethiopia and has a catholic background. Awesome guy! Also got a new investigator named Felicia. She seems like she could be a great member! Great Week!

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