Monday, November 12, 2012

Monday 11/5/2012 - Sunday 11/11/2012

Monday we shopped and then went to lunch with a brother from our ward named Johnathan Liedy. Nice guy; he has gone through some rough times but is doing better now. We ate at Moe's which is a bad version of Cafe Rio, but still pretty good. Then we cleaned and emailed and then went to dinner. Weird thing is that the Oaks brought us to Moe's as well. I am thankful for members, but that was a lot of Moe's. Then we went to do Family Home Evening with the Looney's again and they fed us some dessert or desert. I can't remember how to spell that.

Tuesday, Election Day, we had District Meeting and I needed it. Tuesday's can be hard for me because it is the day after emailing. After District Meeting we went to Walter's to play some chess which was pretty good, Elder Olsen lost. We just can't seem to beat him. We went to see a bunch of people which mostly fell through. Then we went to a less active family, the Hollingers. Their son met Barrack Obama, which is kinda cool, and now he is prepping for a mission. So we talked to him about how to prepare. Tabatha cancelled on us so we went and tracted and got 2 new investigators. Then we had an election party. It was fun, but then I was trying to go to bed on time but I struggled because my comp and a couple other Elder's were up talking. Then I found out Romney lost when I woke up at like 12 or something like that. I think. I didn't look at a clock.

Wednesday wasn't a good day when it comes to missionary work. Didn't find anyone to teach. We did throw the good ol' pig skin around with Dan for a bit and talked about some different stuff. Went and did service at the Ronald McDonald House. Then our appointment with Zach fell through. Tracted then we went to the Morgan’s for dinner and it wasn't ready so it took way too long! Then Elder Faulkner told us some funny stories to finish the night.

Thursday we threw our plans out the window. Dan came over at 9:30 to give us our robes that he bought because of the outside shower. Then a bug guy came at 10 to spray all of our apartments to get rid of the roaches in the Spanish Elder’s apartment and to prevent the other apartments from getting them. Then we planned until almost 5. Ended up tracting, then seeing Brother Feathers. He lives on the same street that we were tracting on so we stopped by because he is less active.

Friday we had to change to our old phone because the newer one was being weird. It wouldn't have taken long, but the first lady I talked to messed up and I had to call back and get it all fixed so it took almost 2 hours for something so simple. Then we put our members in the GPS. Went to Lake Ella talked to a preacher who tried to preach to us. Then we talked to a really nice old lady, but she wasn't interested. Then we spoke to a really drunk guy which was sad. Then we had an appointment with Tabatha so we got Keith and had a short appointment with her. Good lesson and then we headed back to get ready for our exchange. This time I stayed in our area and was with Elder Blanchard. He is really cool and he is also a Lakers fan.

Saturday exchange with Elder Blanchard. Elder Olsen went to the Tally 1 Area with Elder Wright. Elder Blanchard and I walked a lot which was good. We talked to a lot people. We tried to see a couple referrals and a few formers while we were on foot. We did a lot of street contacting. Went to see Dewayne and he was having a party. They had ribs so we both took one because they kept offering. Then we went to the Stansel's and Elder Blanchard started teaching even though I told him I was told it wasn't a good idea because it would get us in an argument. But it ended up going well and I think it helped. Then we got Keith and went to Shirley Anne's. Taught her about the prophets. She is a really crazy member that has a very different style of religion. Then traded back.

Sunday was Ruben's birthday!! Someone tell him I say Happy Birthday and to write me. Love that kid! Or if you're reading Ruben, I love ya man and Happy Birthday! We had to teach Gospel Principles Class today which went well for us not having any time to prep. We also taught a couple that we met a long long time ago in a galaxy far far away. Their names are Jonathan and Lauren. They have a lot of questions for us and we did our best to answer them. We definitely think they would be awesome members and I think it is just a matter of time with them. They just seem like they are golden people. Then we had dinner with the Looney's. They made us breakfast for dinner and it was great! Then we watched The District with them and taught their ex-daughter-in-law that lives with them. Her name is Amy and she has a little girl named Jamie. Jamie is the cutest little girl I have ever seen and she is way funny. Good day!

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