Monday, November 5, 2012

Monday 10/29/2012 - Sunday 11/4/2012

Monday we went shopping with Spanish because we are short on miles. Wrote letters for a bit and then headed to the Russell's home for dinner. After dinner, we went to the Looney's again for Family Home Evening and that is always fun. I can't wait to go again!

Tuesday was great, had District Meeting to start the day, which was awesome and president’s message was really strong. Then we went to Institute so I could get my pants hemmed by Sister Johnson. She is a senior couple sister. Talked to a guy that came by to fix the tile in our shower that was all funky lookin. Referred him to the Spanish Elders. Then we went and helped the Beyer's the rest of the night. They were helping Sister Beyer's Mom move so we helped out with that. Then they fed us venison chili which was freakin great! Also, the house that her Mom was moving in to had some strange locks at the top of the outside of each door. We decided it was probably for an elderly person or someone that was mentally ill so they wouldn't get hurt.

Wednesday was Halloween!!! We can't tract after 6:00 on Halloween and it was still a great day. We went to see a former and ended up finding a guy named Zach. We taught him the entire first lesson and he liked what we taught a lot!! He said he would read and pray about all the stuff that we talked to him about. He also committed to be baptized if he found the Book of Mormon to be true. Then we talked to a lady that kept asking us what it meant when the white politician says, "We are going to take back our country?" She was way nice though and gave us candy. Then we went to our landlord Dan's house for a Halloween party which was pretty cool. Dan made it hard to leave so we accidentally stayed longer then we were supposed to. Then we stayed up way too late and I wasn't really very happy about that, but Spanish just stayed in our apartment so we couldn't really do anything.  Oh yeah, also got awesome Halloween treats from my fabulous mom!

Thursday we were so tired!! Went to Dan's to eat lunch and he ordered all the 6 compound boys robes. Weekly planned a bit and then went and met with Rod to play some chess and just stay in touch with him. We both lost and I am horrid! Then we went to the Morgan's and talked about the Book of Mormon for a bit and then ended up watching a Joseph Smith movie. I don't know what it is called.

Friday we had to finish our weekly planning because we suck and didn't finish it. Sifted through some investigators so we went to see the new Beverly and her fiance', Walter. Good lesson until at the end Walter said he wouldn't pray to know because God would tell him if it was true. Got stood up at our next appointment so we decided to go to Stevi B's and a lady from the 1st Ward bought us dinner! It was way good! I like that place, all you can eat pizza!

Saturday was great but ended kinda weird. We went to Karsten Deans house and talked to him for a while then read the Book of Mormon with him. He is less active right now and he recently moved from San Antonio and we discovered him. Great guy and he is way Christlike. He also said he would go to dinner with us because the lady that is feeding us doesn't have another man living with her. On the way home, we talked to a black guy that thought LDS people were racist. Then we talked to a guy named Ty and have an appointment set up with him. Then we went and got the car from the FAMU Elders after we talked to some others. Then we went to get Karsten and head over to dinner with Sister Drake. We got to her house at five and called her and she told us to go to the apartment office to meet her so we did. The office was locked so we called her and told her we would wait outside. 15 minutes later she came out and told us she would go get her mail and then meet us at her apartment, so we started walking there. While we were going there, she told us there was a "short cut" so we were like okay and followed her to her mailbox. She wants to buy a car and guess what, there was a car for sale next to the mailbox, so we looked at it for like 15 minutes. Finally, we started walking to her house and she wanted to chill next to the pool for a bit. She said for 5 minutes and that turned into like 15. It was like 5:50 when we finally got to her apartment and she had us do a ton of chores. Then WE had to cook dinner! Dinner is supposed to only be about an hour. So God basically cooked the pasta because it never boiled, but cooked in like 10 minutes. Then she wanted a blessing and we told her we could and then we had to hurry out and she got mad and said no. Then she ended up rebuking Elder Olsen through prayer. Messed up! Then we took Karsten home, picked up Keith and headed to Shirley Anne's. Taught a little lesson and then took Keith to Sonic because he goes out with us a lot!

Sunday was fast and testimony meeting which I enjoyed. Tried to see the McDermid's and they didn't want us to visit them. They are a less active family. Then we did some fruitless tracting. Had dinner at the Shannon's and they also signed up to Thanksgiving and I am stoked because they are awesome!! Then we taught Bill with Brother Sizemore. It seemed to help a bit to have Brother Sizemore there, but Bill is a tough egg to crack.

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