Monday, October 29, 2012

Monday 10/22/2012 – Sunday 10/28/2012

Monday we went to Toya's and she wasn't there so we went to our usual P-Day routine of email, cleaning and shopping. Had family home evening with the Looney's. They are a really cool family and it is way fun to go over there. They have the cutest little granddaughter!

Tuesday we had District Meeting and I enjoyed it a lot! I really needed it. We ended up waiting a long time to give the TCC Elders a ride home which killed our day and set a terrible tone for the week. Then later that day FAMU Elders had to borrow our car and we ended up waiting on them also. We played chess with Walter for the first time in a while, ate at the O’Conner’s and they want us to do a family home evening with them one night, then went to Brother Flannery's with his home teacher Brother Casey. Flannery is a less active that we are trying to activate. He said he would come to church, but he didn't.

Wednesday we had to go take some Elders to the transfer spot and we picked up Elder Gordon and a greeny Elder Nelson. We ended up going tracting with them, so I got to take Elder Nelson the greeny and feel like the experienced one. It was pretty good. I actually think I did a decent job. Also, went to the Ronald McDonald House for hopefully the last time. It isn't effective for us to go there because we aren't seen by the public. We went to the chili cook off/trunk or treat as well which was fun. We talked to a lot of non-members. Great chili too!!

Thursday we ate at Piggy's BBQ with the Geiger's and it was just way too much meat, but it was good. Brought Keith with us to Halle's house to teach Whitney. It went well, we taught her about the restoration of the gospel. She said she thought what we were teaching was true and is going to pray about a baptismal date. Then we gave Keith and his siblings blessings of comfort to help them make a tough decision.

Friday went and gave Sister Walker in our ward a blessing because she has bronchitis and contacted and set up an appointment with a lady named Beverly. We went and saw Charlene and she said she read the Book of Mormon some so we asked her if she read about Brigham Young and she said yeah. So we asked what she thought and she said "loved it" hahaha she obviously didn't read. Then we met a lady named Judy and we set up an appointment and she believes in covenants! Taught Beth and her beliefs all line up with ours except for one critical aspect and that is she doesn't believe there is a God. Had dinner with the Clawson's and Rod came as well. The Clawson's are awesome, very Celestial family and we scared Rod after dinner. It was funny!

Saturday we went up to Georgia to help Ben out at his farm. He built his entire house himself. It isn't done yet, but when it is it will be sweet. Went and explored in a cotton field for a bit as well. It was a way fun time and we talked about missionaries and what not. Hopefully, we can plant a seed. He also got us lunch at Burger King which was nice of him, I was so hungry! We had to study the rest of the day because we didn't get to in the morning.

Sunday we tried to go to our appointment with Dewayne and brought Brother Tensmeyer, our ward mission leader. Dewayne and his wife weren't home, but we talked to his son Michael that we hadn't met yet and he has a friend on a mission right now. Really awesome family. The Stansel's are an inactive family that live nearby, so we went and visited them instead. Then we went to dinner at the Raudabaugh's and Brother Lawson also came with so we could plan Betty's baptism. She is their daughter that is 8. Lawson has been working with them to get them all reactivated so she can get baptized. Fun time at their house.

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