Monday, October 15, 2012

One Month in the Mission Field

Monday, 10/8/12 – Sunday, 10/14/12

Weeks are going by faster and faster the longer I am out here. I am starting to get the hang of everything I have to do. I still don't feel comfortable teaching and all that stuff, but I can see the improvement in myself for sure!

Played basketball and wrote letters on P-day as always. I will just mention the highlights of the week. Monday we had dinner with the Shannon's and they invited their two friends that are non-members over to eat as well. We were able to teach them a little bit about what we believe and even got Brother Shannon to talk about his mission and why he loved it.

District meeting on Tuesday and it was really good and we are starting to get more comfortable with each other. Elder Olsen had to take his bike into a shop to get a tune up as well. Sister Bishop then ordered pizza for us for dinner and it was pretty good. A bit on the greasy side of life though. Also, taught a less active named Brother Flannery. We will probably end up doing the new member lessons with him to help him understand things a bit more.

Wednesday we went to the Ronald McDonald house to do service. This time we just changed some light bulbs, cleaned the parking lot and then sorted pop tabs as always. They also fed us. Met a less active after an appointment was canceled. Her name is Sister Soto, she has a few kids and she seems like she is active. Really nice lady and she loves the Church. Picked up Elder Olsen's bike and he says that they didn't even fix it so we will have to take that back in. We also talked to a less active, Brother Van Bean. He is a really really nice man. He just needs to become more comfortable with being in public. Once he gets over that he will be a great saint.

Thursday was my month date since I flew out here. Man, it is all going by so fast! Had our weekly planning today which was good! We should be able to have an awesome week this upcoming week! Went and learned more about the family history center so that we can tell people about it. Had meatball sandwiches with Brother Tensmeyer and boy were they good! Then we had to go on a split, so I went to teach Rod the first new member lesson while Elder Olsen went to teach the Morgan's. Went pretty good, but I didn't do much talking because Brother Tensmeyer thought he probably should because the new member lessons are more of the wards responsibility then they are ours.

Friday we had a lesson and lunch at Beverly's house. She got us Chic-Fil-A which was pretty good! We then went and biked to some formers and tracted while doing so. We ended up getting 2 new investigators through that. Went to see Miguel and Carlos, dropped Miguel, but we did talk to Carlos and his friend and his friend was very open. Talked to his neighbor and I forgot her name, but she was not really ready to hear our message. Also, went to get Elder Olsen's scripture bag that Brother Feathers finished up and I decided to have him make me one as well.

Saturday Paul bailed on us and we don't even know where his actual house is. Helped some people move and then went to contact some former investigators. Talked to a lady that thinks Jesus is black. That is a common occurrence down here. Her name was Dorothy and we did set up an appointment with her as well. Went to see if Dewayne was home and he was! Taught him and his family about the restoration of the gospel and the Book of Mormon. We committed them to read the Book of Mormon and to pray about it and to also pray about drinking and smoking. Also, had dinner with the Branch's and Halle the daughter is going to set us up to teach her friend that is like 19 about the gospel!

Sunday was great as always! My First Fast Sunday out here in the Field. Had PEC and Ward Council from 9 until about 11. We are getting the ward to help us more and more! Had dinner with the Lawson's and we were so excited because we love Brother Lawson. We always joke around with him and now that we got to talk to his wife more she is way awesome too! Had pot roast and that was delicious. GREAT WEEK!

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