Monday, October 8, 2012

A really great week!!!

Monday, October 1st
Happy Birthday to my brother SEAN!! Today was a crazy day. We didn't have our car so we took the Spanish Elders car to go talk to President. We got back from talking with President and cleaned up the apartment, did laundry and went shopping. Then we came back to get ready to email and then play some basketball!! Prezy Jen and Sister Jensen came and watched us play for a while. Then we headed back to the apartment to write some letters. Then tried to contact a referral who wasn't even home... Came back and did some more letter writing cause there never seems to be enough time to write. Went to Keith's house for dinner with his family. They all have different last names so I don't know what to call them. He is finishing up his paperwork to go on his mission.

Tuesday, October 2nd
No District meeting today. We still had our conference call with President Jensen. We have one every Tuesday with the President. Then we went to Brother Feathers to give him a blessing because he is going in for eye surgery. Then we went to Beverly's for lunch and then tried to teach her about the Word of Wisdom, but then she went off telling us a really long story. Then we went to the Looney's to make sure they had moved in okay. Sister Looney is way nice and we talked to her outside for a while. Then we headed home and called some formers. Then we had dinner at the Kelly's who are a new couple to the ward. We encouraged them to do missionary work and they seemed like they would. Then I packed up because we are doing an exchange tomorrow. I will be with Elder Wright tomorrow for my first exchange.

Wednesday, October 3rd
Elder Wright is way cool, great missionary! I learned a lot about planning from him. How to plan an effective day was the best thing I learned from him. We first emailed Elder Littllefield's sister because they need a bit of cheering up. They are in the hospital and having a rough time. Then we went and taught Frankie and committed him to baptism. He is very spiritual and kinda crazy, but he is awesome. Then we taught the Daniels, the mom is a member and her son and her daughter are being taught. Then I traded back with Elder Olsen, had dinner with the Beyers and our appointment went way over. We need to fix that.

Thursday, October 4th
Today we had District Training and it was awesome! Just what I needed. The Assistants, Zone Leaders and President and Sister Jensen all spoke. I love the Jensen's! They are so awesome!! We learned about remembering our purpose, setting good goals, medical stuff and testimonies. Sister Jensen also gave us Smores which were great! Then we had our weekly planning before heading to teach the Morgan's. The spirit was so strong while we read through the fist vision in the JSH. Then we participated in a blessing for Sister Morgan. She has been sick the past couple weeks.

Friday, October 5th
Wow another week already gone! I am getting better at talking to people, but I don't explain enough of what I am talking about. I also need to keep the other person engaged in the conversation. We first went to see Teresa and she wasn't home, but we tried to talk to the Scottish guy again so we could tell him about our family history resources. We knew he was home but he ignored us. Then we decided to knock on a few doors because we felt like we needed to. Didn't get anyone, but when we were leaving a lady came out of her house waving at us so we talked to her and got her info to give to the sisters. We had a great day overall and got 2 potential investigators and 3 new investigators. Also talked to a lady that had a 65 mustang. We also taught Rod a bit about Prophets and about priesthood.

Saturday, October 6th
Awesome General Conference! I can't believe the ages were changed! That’s about all we did today!

Sunday, October 7th
Started the day off giving Beverly a blessing. She also gave us some awesome cake! Then we went to the church to go watch conference. Loved it!! Elder Holland was excellent!! So was Bednar! Wish I could write everything, but they really stood out to me. Then we visited Brother Feathers and he gave me a tie which was sweet! I had him sign the back of it for me.

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