Monday, October 22, 2012

Monday, 10/15/2012 – Sunday, 10/21/2012

Monday we went to the car museum and it was so freakin awesome!! They have my dream car! A 1969 GTO Judge! It was so awesome and they had 3 Batmobile's and the Bat motorcycle from the 60's. They had non-car related stuff too like the world’s most expensive piano which was cool to see. Also, what was believed to be President Lincoln's horse drawn hearse.

Tuesday was district meeting and I had to give a little lesson and I thought it went pretty awful. Also, went and taught Sister Soto and we took Brother Tensmeyer and he talked most of the time while we just sat there. She is a less active Native American lady and she is really nice! Highlight of the day was teaching Whitney. She is friends with Halle Bush in our ward. The lesson seemed to go pretty well from what Halle told us so hopefully we can help her to discover the truth. Tracted and had my first door slammed in my face. I asked how the guy was doing and he yelled "no" then was kind enough to answer my question and say "good" while slamming the door. I also accidentally laughed during the prayer at dinner because their last name is Pope and when my companion said we are thankful to be at the Pope's for dinner I had the image of the catholic Pope pop in my mind and just started laughing.

Wednesday we taught Beverly for the last time before she heads to Mobile. Then we went to go contact formers and ended up finding 3 new investigators through that. We will see if they are solid. We also taught the Morgan’s and Sister Morgan was curious why men have the priesthood, so we read through the family proclamation and explained the different roles of the family.

Thursday I had a really sore back!! I could barely move so we didn't run. We had weekly planning today and it went pretty well, should have a good week. We gave Sister Geraldine Encalade a blessing also. She fell or something and broke her hip in three places. We found one of the formers that we were looking for living in a different place down the street. Set up an appointment with her and then a black guy called us over and was drunk. He started going off about the blacks not being able to be in our church and that isn't true. Blacks could always be in the church.

Friday everything fell through! We did get to teach Janean and she has a lot of questions and she broke down and started crying. We ended up just tracting most of the day. Then we went to a football game later that night because the Beyers’ said that it would be a good contacting activity. It really wasn't so we won't do that again.

Saturday we did a service project for an older couple. They are non-members and we helped them dig a path in their front yard. It should be cool when we are done and President gave us permission to go up to Georgia with them to help them up there. Hopefully, we can get a gospel conversation going with them. We also had dinner at Bishop and Sister Matkin’s house. It was way good and they are really good at being member missionaries. I was also called to speak in Sacrament at 10 so I guess I did that.

Sunday we had a focus meeting for some less actives. I also spoke as previously stated and I didn't feel like it was a very good talk by me, but everyone liked it. I guess it is the badge. I just had to talk about The Book of Mormon. Went to Dan's (our landlord) to see how he is doing and we talked about the Halloween party. We can't proselyte on Halloween so we are going to his place. After dinner we went home and tried to scream like girls. It is tough to do, but I can kinda do it.

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