Monday, October 1, 2012

First Baptism!

9-24-12 Monday
Awesome P-Day!!  We cleaned up a bit as always, did laundry also.  Then we emailed and I couldn't get to everyone on there, but I played basketball which was much needed.  I didn't get to write many letters, but I will write a couple tonight.  When we were shopping, a guy just walked up and started talking to us about our church and he seems like he could easily be a member.  We later found out that the Sisters or some Elders in a different area are going to be teaching him.  Then we taught Rod and moved his Baptism up to this weekend (September 29th).  Then he chose me to baptize him....I don't know why, I only taught him a few times.

9-25-2012 Tuesday
Today we had Zone Training which I thought was cool.  We talked about different finding methods.  Very effective stuff that I am glad we talked about.  Then we came back to the apartment to prepare for Rod Gorby's baptism.  Then we tried to contact a lady name Teressa and she wasn't home, but we talked to her neighbor.  He was from Scotland and at first we thought he would be open to the gospel, but he told us he didn't want to talk about it.  That was after he had been talking about his religion for about 10 minutes.  Nice guy though.  Then we had dinner at POPEYES CHICKEN. Just to make my mother jealous.  Definitely better then KFC.  Then we went and taught Bill Blackburn.  I don't know if he understands the importance of asking God if what we are teaching is true.  We may have broken through, but I am not sure.  You never know with him.

9-26-12 Wednesday
We went to visit Beverly to start the day, which went too long, but she gave us pizza and we taught her granddaughter a bit. Then we went to a less active, Brother Feathers, and he makes sweet scripture cases so I might get one. Then we taught Deandre who we met tracting and he seems open.  We might be able to visit with him.  Then we went to contact Katheryn and she wasn't there, so we will drop her. Then we called Aubrey Bodesen and set up an appointment.  He is a referral from our Spanish Elders.

9-27-12 Thursday
Had to do weekly planning today.  It takes so long and I get so tired during it.  We also met with a less active named Coco or Courtney.  He seems like an awesome kid.  He is 18 and he says he wants to go on a mission in a year and I hope he does. Then we went to Sister Walker's for dinner.  It was delicious and I ate way too much.  After dinner, we went to meet with President Jensen and Rod so President could interview Rod for Baptism.  So he is all set now.  I have realized that days do go by slow and weeks go by so fast...doesn't make sense but it does!

9-28-12 Friday
Good day tracting, but kind of a bad day for me.  I don't feel confident at all about my gospel knowledge.  We drove out to a trailer park type place though and we talked to like 4 people that seemed very promising.  We had talked to 3 of those and were about to leave and Elder Olsen decided to go back and that is when we met the 4th one.  We even set up a return appointment.  Then we finished up the little talk we have to do this Sunday.  It should go well.  Then we went to the southern spread and talked to some members and a few people brought non-members, so we talked to a couple of them as well.  Good day other than me getting discouraged sometimes.  I just suck at realizing when I am being prompted.

9-29-12 Saturday
Today is Elder Olsen's birthday and Rod was baptized!!  I was lucky enough to get to baptize him.  That was so cool and a great step for him in his life.  Then we went to help a family, The Looney's, move into our ward. Then we went to the apartment to change and get our dress clothes on.  Then we went to dinner with the Martins. Brother Martin is in the bishopric and is really nice.  He is a big Florida State football fan.  After dinner, Beverly canceled on us so we found someone after we left her place that needed help pushing their car out of a ditch.  So we did that then went back to the Looney's cause they needed more help.  Then we came home and had birthday cake.

9-30-12 Sunday
Went to church and it was really good.  Everyone gave great talks and I could actually hear them speaking. After meetings, we went to try to see a guy we met named Willy and he didn't answer so we went to the dinner appointments neighborhood to tract a bit.  Only talked to one lady while tracting.  She was very active in her church and didn't want to hear it.  Then we had dinner with the Oaks and they seemed like they didn't want to do any member missionary work.  The dad seemed more willing than the rest.  After dinner, we tried to contact a referral and ended up tracting and talked to a black guy that couldn't get over the fact that the Lamanites were cursed with dark skin.  He reads way too much anti-Mormon stuff.

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