Monday, September 24, 2012

One Month

9-17-12 Monday
P-day!  Cleaned the apartment today then went and did email, then we went to Walmart to get our food and what not.  We then had to cancel our appointments because Elder Olsen got sick.  I ended up writing letters while he was sleeping.  Then we went to CVS Pharmacy to get my prescription nasal spray.  My ears are still plugged from flying here and that is what the doctor told me I needed so he prescribed it to me.  The spray is supposed to decongest me so that my ears will pop.

9-18-12 Tuesday
Slept in until like 7:30 because we both felt terrible, then we had district meeting which was good.  Learned a bit from it, I was really tired and my eyes hurt so I couldn't pay attention very well.  Went and played chess with Walter.  He has Cerebral Palsy, but he beat us both at chess.  Then went to the Paget's for dinner and they served us a "Greeny" meal.  The food was colored green because I'm a greeny.  Cool family and the food was pretty good!

9-19-12 Wednesday
I woke up freezing cold and my shirt was soaked!  I think I am almost over this sickness though.  We went to the Ronald McDonald House to do a bit of service for them.  Then they fed us so that was kinda nice.  Then we went to a baptism for Brother Gowan.  That was an awesome experience.  He was excommunicated, but he has turned his life around and that is so awesome!  Then we had a lesson with Beverly.  She committed to pray about Joseph Smith and about the BOM.  We also met her Granddaughter and gave her a BOM as well.  Beverly has read everything in the BOM except she has a bit left in Moroni.  Then we had dinner with the Lahtinen's.  They are awesome, they are great at doing missionary work with their friends.  We then went and taught the Morgan's again and I really enjoy going there.

9-20-12 Thursday
We had our weekly planning today and it kinda seemed lengthy today.  It's necessary though, but it just seemed so long today.  Went to try to see Judy and her son James and she said she had to do something and that we could come back another time.  I hope we can actually teach them.  They don't know what they're missing!  Then we had a delicious dinner with the Bishop.  They are awesome and they were both converts to the church! Tracted for a while and I think we may have started softening a few people's hearts.  Chatted with Brother Lawson because he forgot to tell us that our appointment was moved.  He is a really cool member we are helping.  He is teaching a little girl about the gospel because her family has been less active, but they are trying to turn over a new leaf and she wants to be baptized.

9-21-12 Friday
Studied about faith this morning, it's the Christlike attribute that I am trying to improve though they all are kind of intertwined in a way.  We went to try to contact some of our referrals and to go to our landlords house because yesterday was his birthday.  He wasn't home and neither were any of the referrals.  We helped Sister Christianson move and she gave us some food so that was good.  The King family cancelled on us and that is the second time since I've been here.  We then went and saw Miguel, he is Hispanic and he is on 2 or 3 basketball teams.  He reads and prays, but doesn't feel like he has got an answer.  He said he would keep trying though.  Then we had a lesson with Rod on Repentance, Baptism, Receiving the Gift of the Holy Ghost and Enduring to the End.  Then he played Elder Olsen at chess and Rod beat him while playing "blindfolded" style.  So Rod never looked at the board but Elder Olsen just played normal and got to look at the board.  Basically, Rod memorizes every move that they both make and I moved Rod's pieces for him.

9-22-12 Saturday
Well I have been out for a month.  I guess I am finally homesick.  I just started balling in the bathroom this morning and couldn't stop.  I miss everyone back home.  I miss my Mom and brothers a lot!  My dog and all my awesome friends as well.  It's tough not ever seeing anyone that you care about.  All of the things we planned pretty much fell through, but we were able to talk to a few people that might be willing eventually.  You never know until you actually try to go to the appointment that you scheduled though.  We talked to one guy while tracting who just thought organized religion was wrong and no matter what we said didn't matter.  I started to testify, got out about half a sentence and he cut me off.  I wish they'd all listen.  We also talked to a really nice lady, she said she wanted to look into it more before we teach her.  She said she would pray about it first because she never says no until god tells her not to do it.  Had dinner with the Nibley's.  Hugh Nibley is Brother Nibley's Grandfather which is pretty sweet.

9-23-12 Sunday
Our day was busy but good.  Started with PEC meeting and Ward Council.  We had to leave early from Ward Council so we could pick up Walter to bring him to church.  He is the guy with cerebral palsy and it takes a lot to get him to church.  Brother Schank from the ward brought his truck to put his electric chair in the back.  He is awesome for doing that, he will be blessed for it.  Church was great except the microphone in sacrament was way too quiet again so I only heard the last speaker because he spoke louder and had a deeper voice than the rest of the speakers.  Rod was able to come to church also which was great.  Then we had our coordination meeting after church.  Then we tried to see Willy who is a guy we found tracting one day and he wasn't home.  So we went to the Radabaugh's with Brother Lawson, which we were supposed to do on Thursday when Brother Lawson forgot to tell us he moved the appointment.  The Radbaugh's daughter pays better attention if the missionaries are there.  This was my first time though.  I will be honest, their house had a very odd smell to it.  After that, we headed over to the Casey's for dinner.  They are very nice and the food was good, but they were chaotic which made it hard to teach them.  It took longer then it should have to get out of there.  Then we went back to the apartment to do some of my training.  Yay! P-Day tomorrow!

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