Monday, September 17, 2012

I'm In Tallahassee!

9-11-12 Tuesday
Woke up at 2:30 to finish packing and get ready to go to the airport.  We left the MTC around 4:10 am on a bus and got to the airport around 5:30.  We went to McDonald's and a lady bought Elder Rasmussen and me breakfast just randomly.  Our plane took off at 7:15 to the Atlanta airport.  Had a layover for about an hour.  Then we got on a plane to head to Tallahassee and were picked up by Prezy Jen (President Jensen) and Sister Jensen.  They are awesome and Sister Jensen makes yummy food.  We got to the mission home and took some pictures and then we talked about how to be a "celestial" missionary.  Then we found out what area we would be in and who our companion would be.  I am in the Tallahassee 4th Ward area.  We live in a really nice apartment and it is right next to the FSU campus and the football stadium.  My companion will be Elder Olsen.  He is apparently 6'6".  I don't think that he is that tall.  I called my Momzi and Zach from the airport and then I called my Momzi and my Dad from the mission home.  First time flying so that was pretty sick!

9-12-12 Wednesday
I met Elder Olsen today, he is pretty cool!  He has a lot of knowledge about the gospel so I hope some of it can rub off on me.  Got to go my apartment which is way new and was only built like a month or two ago.

9-13-12 Thursday
We did our weekly planning today which took like 4 hours to do, but it is way important so it’s alright.  Had dinner with some members, the Hodgson's.  We talked to them about the plan of salvation which is probably my favorite gospel topic other then Jesus Christ.  One of the Elders in the apartment next door got cinnamon rolls from his Mom and they were flippin amazing!!!!

9-14-12 Friday
Biked around a lot today!!  We were going to go see Wallace Tyson but he wasn't home so we just tried to street contact.  Met a couple ladies who actually seemed like they wanted to read the Book of Mormon.  One of them requested that I give her one.  That was cool!  I hope they read it!!  Tried to see less actives and they had all moved away then we went to a trainer, trainee training thingamajig.  Then we went to teach Rod.  He is awesome!  Right now it looks like he will be baptized on conference weekend.  But I had nothing to do with that.  He was committed before I ever got out here.  He went to Julliard to play the organ and he is amazing.  We had a member, Brother Clawson, come to the lesson and they ended up talking about music and then we all listened to Rod play on the organ in the chapel.  We didn't mind because it was such a great fellowship opportunity.  Then when he came to church everyone wanted to talk to him so it was fantastic!!!

9-15-12 Saturday
Started the day trying to see some potential investigators.  No one was home so we ate and then went to do some street contacting.  We did find a couple of people that we are going to try to teach.  Then we came back and I learned how to use the area book and how to better use my planner and what not.  Then we had dinner right before we went to teach Bill Blackburn.  He hardly even let us get a word in, but I think that he is hopeful.  He just won't read the Book of Mormon.  He said he will eventually but only on his time, so hopefully he just does it.  I gave my first priesthood blessing too.  I don't think I did very good so hopefully I will do better next time.

9-16-12 Sunday
Went to church for the first time in Tallahassee.  I couldn't hear the speakers because the microphone wasn't loud at all.  When the congregation sang it was so quiet, I just wanted to stand up and tell everyone to sing because it was not very alive.  Rod didn't make it to sacrament meeting but he did get to come to priesthood.  Today was his last day at his job.  He quit so he didn't have to work on Sunday's.  He is awesome!  Then we taught a guy named Rusty which I thought went well.  He seems to be open and said he would read and pray about the BOM.  Then we went to dinner at the Gun's house.  That is a family, not a weapon, but the food was so good and they are a really cool family.  I am having so much fun here and trying to work hard!!

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