Thursday, September 6, 2012

More from the MTC

Tuesday, 08-28-12
We had gym at 6:05 in the morning!  I was so tired, so I played awful. Rest of the day was fantastic, I felt the spirit so strong today.  We had a workshop based on Christ’s love then we planned our first lesson for Junichi, our first “real” investigator.  We couldn’t think of what to teach and we realized we forgot to pray.  After we prayed, things just started popping into our minds.  Unfortunately, when we went in to teach him, he just talked about other things the whole time, so we couldn’t even talk about what we wanted to.  Then our new teacher, Brother Ferren, acted as an investigator “Ron Sallywhite”, which went pretty good.  Then we went to the Tuesday devotional where Elder and Sister Perkins spoke.  Elder Perkins is a First Quorum of the Seventy.  It was so good!

Wednesday, 08-29-12
Had our first service assignment today.  We got up and had to be there at 6:15.  Elder Rasmussen and I vacuumed the stairs.  Today was one of those days that we couldn’t focus and just laughed at everything.  I was blank during all of our lessons except for one with a less active member.  I bore my testimony and told him how different my life was without the Church.

Thursday, 08-30-12
We had gym first today and we played beach volleyball.  It was way fun!  Had our second lesson with Junichi.  This time I tried to start a lesson and he got mad a little.  I had trouble feeling the spirit all day, but in my last class the sub was great and the spirit was so strong.  So I did pretty good in my “role play”.  I also got a letter from Alan and Lisa and a letter from Zachary.  Received my travel plans as well.  We leave on 9/11…wish me luck.  We have to be to the MTC travel office at 4 am.

Friday, 08-31-12
Breakfast class and zone teaching.  I don’t like zone teaching very much.  It’s just an uncomfortable class for me.  Then we studied for so long.  Sometimes that makes it hard to focus.  Then we played beach volleyball and this time it was with our district.  All but 2 sisters played and it was really fun.  I got a haircut because I was sick of my hair.  I made some improvements with teaching so hopefully that continues.

Saturday, 09-01-12
Happy Birthday Todd!!  Hope it was fantastic!  We played indoor volleyball today.  I have decided beach volleyball is 8,000 times better.  I learned a lot about faith today.  I need to trust that the spirit will be there more.  I felt the spirit so strong when we taught Brother Sallywhite today.   I bore my testimony of the Book of Mormon.  We also got to teach a referral.  That was fun because we had no plan.  I also had an ugly lesson, but learned from it.

Sunday, 09-02-12
Happy Birthday Zachary!!  Hope that it was an awesome day!  Fast and testimony meeting was awesome.  Some of these missionaries have amazing testimonies.  Then we had Mission Conference which is like a Stake Conference.  The speakers were great and the Elder and the Sister that were called to bear their testimonies and it was so awesome to listen to them.  Then we had district meeting where Sister Schnieder and Sister Joyner gave a great lesson on the Atonement.  Then we did some assessments on the computer then we went on our temple walk which is always good.  Hung out and took pictures.  I forgot my camera though.  Then we watched President Monson’s birthday celebration and a movie after that.  It was about a missionary.  So overall a great Sunday.

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