Monday, September 3, 2012


8-22-2012 Wednesday
First day in the MTC Ya'll! Awesome day but so busy. I was dropped off at the MTC at 12:45 today. My Mom, Brother Zach and Cousin Natalie came to see me take the walk into the MTC. It was a bitter sweet moment but I know I should be here. The day started by getting my cards and my badges and a bunch of books and paperwork that I am suppose to use. We all did an orientation on the computer before class started when we got here. My first companion is Elder Rasmussen. He is from American Fork, Utah and played football and baseball for American Fork High School. He plays basketball so we are going to play a lot! There were 538 new missionaries that entered the MTC today. We had to go to a welcome thing where the MTC presidency talked to us. Then we unpacked, prayed and went to bed.

8-23-2012 Thursday
I studied some Book of Mormon to start the day. Then I got a flu shot which I am pretty sure got me sick. Had a workshop and experienced my first companion "role play" they are kinda weird. We met the Presidency today and they called my companion as the District Leader. Not too much going on today, just mostly studied the rest of the day.

8-24-2012 Friday
Today we also had a ton of study time. Not much else was going on. We did teach an investigator for the first time. Had zone teaching that turned into a district meeting. Had gym for the first time today and it wasn't that great. I played like crap. It had to have been the ugliest game of basketball ever. Learned about teaching techniques and teaching plans. 

8-25-2012 Saturday
Gym was early today, I'm still rusty at basketball right now. Studied a lot again, Then we taught Will Awagu who was actually just our teacher playing an investigator. I still struggle with teaching, it just doesn't come natural to me. I know God will help me with it though. We had such an awesome experience with a couple elders that are in our zone. We just sat in a room with Elder Munos and Elder Harris and talked for 45 minutes about faith to build up each others faith. It was so cool! I loved it!

8-26-2012 Sunday
First Sunday here at the MTC! It was great, me and my companion passed the sacrament. Went to priesthood which was good but I was falling asleep. Went on Sunday walk to the temple and took some pictures with the district. Went to an awesome fireside that talked about missionaries and the work we do. Then we watched a talk by Elder Bednar from last Christmas that was awesome!

8-27-2012 Monday
Did a session at the temple and that was Awesome! Did Laundry and emailed. I was having a rough time during class, I wasn't feeling the spirit and Satan was really working on me. I did finally get the spirit back though which was much needed! I'm getting a bit better at teaching but I still get discouraged at times because I'm not doing as well as I could be. I know this church is true or I wouldn't be on this mission. I also met Elder Carling today while I was writing letters in the laundry room. He is Blaine and Faye Carling's grandson. He is pretty awesome!!

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