Monday, September 10, 2012


Sept. 3 Monday
Didn't get to go to the temple today because of the holiday which I was disappointed about. It was pretty fun though, we wrote letters and washed our clothes.  If I haven't wrote anyone that wants to be written to just write me a letter because I get busy and forget to write people that haven't wrote me.  Easy P-day, not much to say.

Sept. 4 Tuesday
Overall a good day.  Taught Junichi and actually talked about the gospel for a bit.  I learned how you can relate any story to any gospel doctrine.  I had a weird zone teaching experience.  I taught with an Elder that I had never met.  We taught two sisters and an Elder that I taught twice before.  The lesson was pretty good, we taught about the restoration and the Book of Mormon.  The devotional was sweet!  Elder and Sister Kopischke of the 70 spoke to us.  Sister Kopischke is so energetic, but they were both awesome!

Sept. 5 Wednesday
Taught our teacher as "Brother Sallywhite".  I always enjoy teaching him.  Learned about the Word of Wisdom and how to teach it.  Taught a less active member today to try to reactivate them.  She was just acting as one though and she came out of character a few times during it and we talked about politics with her and what is going on in the world.  We had an awesome lesson in our second class with Sister Christenson about Study Habits and Accountability.  Then I played volleyball and basketball to finish the day.

Sept. 6 Thursday
Played beach volleyball at 8:30 with our district this morning.  It was awesome and I freaking suck!  Taught Junichi again for the last time.  We were able to talk to him about the Plan of Salvation today.  The first thing we have ever been able to teach him about.  In class we learned about revelation through church attendance and how to invite an investigator to church so that they will be comfortable.  We then taught Sister Christenson as herself about how she could continue to serve people in the gospel.  I think it went well!

Sept. 7 Friday
We had in field orientation today and it was sick!!!!!  Learned how to do street contact and how to involve members in missionary work.  It was a lot to take in but it was so much fun!

Sept. 8 Saturday
Today was Elder Rasmussen's birthday!!  His Mom sent him a whole cake and Elder Ross and I went through the residence and gave it away, after we ate what we wanted.  Both of my classes today were awesome!!  I learned a lot about finding people to teach.  I got to play an investigator in zone teaching which was really cool!  It's always kinda hard to try to be an investigator.  I did learn a lot from it though.

Sept. 9 Sunday
Awesome day!  Fireside was so sick!  The speaker talked about our purpose, but the best part was when he called up two missionaries.  They were both from the same place in Australia.  The one converted the other before their missions and now they are in the MTC together.  The one that was converted was going on splits with the missionaries and taking missionary prep before he was ever baptized.  Then we watched the movie The Testaments.  It was a pretty good movie.  Awesome day!  I go to Florida on 9-11!  Send letters there.


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