Monday, August 11, 2014

Sunday, 8/3/14 - Friday, 8/8/14

·         How did I help someone today?
Today we were able to go over to see Brother Logan and share a message with him about temples. Read a bit from D&C with him about the early days of the church when the Lord commanded to build temples. He also asked if we could help him put a dart on his Corvette sometime this week. I also learned how to crack a bull whip at his place. It only took a couple tries to learn and then he ended up giving us each a bull whip.  Pretty sick!

·         How did I help someone today?
Went over to see a couple potentials, Sandra and another lady named Brandy. Conversation with Brandy was really short but we still were able to follow up to see if we could come back by. Conversation with Sandra was good though. We talked to her for about 15 minutes about different things and she still wants to sit down with us so that was awesome.
·         What did I learn?
Follow up!

·         How did I help someone today?
I hope I helped the district as I taught about being a successful missionary and what that really means. Went to Fairhope on an exchange with Elder Miller. Taught Mickey about temples, family history, priesthood and auxillary, and missionary work. She is getting baptized this weekend so it was great to get to teach her. We also taught Dawnell and Carnivais. Tried to teach about  the Plan of Salvation but it turned into purpose of the Book of Mormon. Carnivais told me I can marry any of his three daughters. That was interesting. Never had had that happen.
·         What did I learn?
I learned from Enos that when I have kids I need to make sure to speak of the plan of salvation a lot.
·         How did someone help me?
Elder Miller helped me to see what I can improve on and get back to being faith filled.

Had an awesome dinner tonight as well.  Bishop Parker from Crestview was coming through and came down to Fairhope and fed us. It was awesome to catch up. That was such an awesome ward so it was great to hear how things are going.

Uneventful so I didn’t write anything.

·         How did I help someone today?
Today we saw Brother Holladay and just talked with him. He has prostate cancer I believe. So we just went to talk and help him feel love. Then we saw Eric Hetzel, a less-active. He is an awesome guy and I hope he will come back. We shared a message about Christ’s grace/mercy and how nothing else on this earth can save us. He is a great guy and it was really fun.
·         What did I learn?
That I need to stop being so hard on myself because Christ died for me and he knows my desires.
·         How did someone help me?
Today started off as a struggle but Elder Buchenek was talking to me about grace and that really helped. Sometimes as a missionary I trick myself to believing that I have to be perfect to do this work but I don’t. God knows what I want and the direction I am going. I just need to keep trying but recognize that Christ will make up everything.

·         How did I help someone today?
Today we had a great lesson with Kelsey Stone.
·         What did I learn today?
Today I think I learned that I should ask more questions to help people think because we had a sad experience with an 18 year old that recently fell away. He told us “I hate the church” and then said about the Book of Mormon “I read it every day and hated it”. I feel I should have asked him why but I felt so blown away that he sounded that bitter. I was speechless.
·         How did someone help me?
Brother Hubbard fed us. It’s small but it was very nice of him to do so. He is really awesome. He told us a lot about what Green Beret selection is like. Sounds like the hardest thing ever! 

We also had volleyball at the church. It was really fun! Constantine’s came and Luis and Michael. Oh, and can’t forget Christian.

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