Monday, May 12, 2014

Monday, 5/5/14 - Sunday, 5/11/14

Monday – Good preparation day today. Good emails and all. It’s always good to hear from my family. Played basketball at Twin Hills and had a sick play where I posted up on the left side of the hoop, then received the ball and as I was catching the ball I saw Elder Rasmussen cutting so I just threw the ball up over my head. As I turned around I saw Elder Rasmussen jump up, grab the ball and lay it in to complete an aly-oop. It was so cool! We also had dinner with the Peterson’s. It is always a good time there. Then went to the Barbecho’s and ended up teaching Ben because Jamie wouldn’t come in. Ben seems to be closer to God and more motivated to do what’s right. Then we began our exchange with the Crestview 2nd Elders.

Tuesday – Had our exchange with Crestview 2nd. I went with Elder Urquiaga in their area and Elder Perkins came to ours with Elder Rasmussen. We had a pretty good day in CV2. Met a few potential investigators. Crestview 2nd seems like it is ready to blow up. Andrew Linares from my ward actually came out with us to see Jim Brown. Jim is a great guy and has a ton of faith. I really hope he will pursue the gospel. Talked to a way awesome lady named Thelma. Kicked around a soccer ball with Landon her 3 year old. Had a lesson at the Vause’s home and taught their baptismal date Josh. He seems very ready for baptism. Then had to do some unexpected service at 8 pm. Helped a member move in. Great day! Also I beat Elder Urquaiga at some indoor football game during lunch.

Wednesday – Today we planned for Zone Conference and planned in completely the wrong direction. So we had to start from square one all over again. Took so long but then we had the idea of talking about working with the ward leaders. Made some copies at the church and then went to Josh’s. That fell through but he has been reading the Book of Mormon! Talked with Brother Hawes a bit about a bunch of military stuff. Learned how the fighter planes and all the planes get their #’s in the title. Ate with the Boyd’s and then had coordination. Then we went to the Washington’s and had a reading session with them. I really like them. I hope we can get them to progress.

Thursday – Today we weekly planned faster than ever before. Saw Theresa and she is struggling a bit but I think she will start doing better. She just has some discouragement with her calling and everything. She did meet a guy that she wants us to meet! Then we swung by the Mathis’ and helped them box up some dishes. Set up a time to go there on Saturday to help. Then we jetted down to the Cochran’s for dinner and I wasn’t feeling too good so I didn’t get to enjoy it as much as I would have liked. Went with Brother Blum after that. First we saw Tony and bore powerful testimony which made him mad so he walked away. He doesn’t want us back. Then headed to the Nimmo’s with Brother Blum and had a great lesson with them! Samantha, Isaiah and Levi were there. Then we met Andrew and his friend Derrick at the church for basketball. We didn’t have time to get our clothes so we played in church clothes and when we finished I ended up jamming it in church clothes twice! Great way to finish the night.

Friday – Today we had Zone Conference. It was way awesome. President talked a bit about the original 12 apostles. It really hit me that we don’t have to be perfect. Peter wasn’t, Thomas wasn’t and Judas wasn’t yet they were chosen by Christ. Briefly saw the Barbecho’s before eating at the Taylor’s. They are the best family! I love going there. Went to see the Higgins who weren’t home. Darren went to volleyball so we decided to go and play some volleyball. That was awesome!

Saturday – Had our breakfast/meeting with President Miller and it was good. Headed home to study a bit and get ready to help the Mathis’. Then headed there to find a sign that said they cancelled because of the forecast. So we went on a walk and found a guy name Anthony who said we could come see him. Went with Andrew Linares to see Darren but Darren cancelled so we stopped by a ton of places and randomly decided to try Pat. Ended up teaching Pat and found out he went to school with Andrew’s mom. It was so awesome to see that happen! Great connection. Then Andrew came and ate with us at the Barbecho’s. Good food! Then we went and had an extensive Q&A with Eric Eliot. Hopefully we can get him to look at the spiritual side of things. Great guy!

Sunday – Happy Mother’s Day to all moms but most definitely my mom! Love you! Went to 2nd Ward’s Sacrament Meeting because Andrew picked up Chris Robbins so he could make it to church. It was a great meeting. We then studied a bit and then headed to our church meetings. Brother Peterson gave a great talk! He always does a good job because he studies regularly. Brother Boyd also gave a great lesson in Gospel Principles. We went to the Taylor’s and got to call my dad and skyped my mom, Zach, Sean, Natalie and Todd were there too.  It was so good to talk to them all! I love all of them! Then I ate a bit ’cause they made food too! Amazing meat loaf! Best cook ever = Sister Taylor. Then had a fun spiritual message and also Brother and Sister Taylor sung “Every Rose Has A Thorn” by Guns ‘n Roses while Brother Taylor played the guitar. So cool! It was a great day!

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