Monday, May 26, 2014

Monday, 5/12/14 - Sunday 5/25//14

Monday – Pretty good preparation day. Not as much email because I got to call home yesterday for Mother’s Day. Killed it in basketball at Twin Hills. It was really fun. There was a girl that played today and she was pretty good. Had dinner and a lesson with the Bissen’s. The lesson was good. We taught in depth about apostasys and how the gospel was restored many times. Then talked about the restoration. Then we went to the Barbecho’s and taught Jamie and Ben in the kitchen. Jamie didn’t come sit in so we brought the lesson to her and it worked pretty well.

Tuesday – Today we went to Fort Walton to split and go to both district meetings. Now we have an English district and a Spanish district down there. I went to Elder Kimball’s district meeting and Elder Rasmussen went to the Spanish district meeting. Elder Palau is the district leader in that district. Good district meeting. Elder Kimball had us sit in a circle and I enjoyed that. Then we had an example with Elder Kimball and Elder Atagi. Elder Kimball and I went to Crestview. Had some service for Donna which was a slow day to start but then we started cutting down some branches for her which was pretty fun. Then we cleaned up, ate and headed out. Found a guy named Martin and talked to him and he asked us to come back. He was really nice! Use to be a devil worshipper type of religion but has changed and is very humble. Also taught Ryan Kirkendoll finally. He really appreciated the visit. Then we finished the night by seeing Josh. Encouraged him to live the Word of Wisdom a bit more.

Wednesday –Today was awesome! Traded back and then started another exchange. This time I stayed in Fort Walton with Elder Palau and Elder Pizzaro went with Elder Rasmussen to Crestview. They are Spanish missionaries so it made the day interesting with me trying to catch on to what people were saying. When we left Elder Maclay told me to say the prayer in Spanish so I used all the Spanish I knew to start the prayer. I said “Hola Father” then just finished with English. We had a great day. We saw Hermana Smith and shared a bit with her. Also taught Alejandra a bit. They’re less actives. Alejandra also came to a lesson with us to teach Wilmer. We set a BCD there too so I hope Wilmer will take this seriously. Then we taught some younger kids as it began to pour so the other Spanish Elders picked us up so we could go home and eat. After that we had English class and I helped teach it. That was fun! Played a bit of basketball after with Elder Atagi and Elder Kimball and a couple other guys while waiting for our ride. We also saw another kid named Jorman. Good kid! He has read a bit of the Book of Mormon I believe.

Thursday – Happy Birthday to my Mom! Elder Palau taught me how to say “come here sugar” in Togan this morning. It is “Haú Mai Tahina”. Might need that knowledge in the future. We had a bunch of weekly planning today after we exchanged back and headed home. Our first couple appointments unfortunately fell through today but it gave us the chance to finish weekly planning. Devon came out with us tonight to see Chris Washington for a quick lesson before going over to see the Barbecho’s. Jamie didn’t sit in with us unfortunately but we got to teach Ben and that went well. We got to talk to him about the priesthood. That finished our night.

Friday – Today we decided to go and help the Mathis’ with the flood damage. On our way to their house we stopped by a huge sink hole we found off of the road and explored for a bit. That was crazy to see all the trees and everything that the water pulled down. Then we got to the Mathis’ and they weren’t even doing any work today. No one was there so we headed home to change. Biked quite a bit and did meet a guy that seemed open to learn. The Sisters had also talked to him not too long ago and are teaching his wife. Then we biked around. Saw Pat and his dad. His dad told us to come by the radio station some time and see them. So we will! Then rode over to our appointment. Andrew met us there and we taught Gerald. Went and saw Jamie with him too. That went good! Lance kicked Lilly in the face. The Barbecho kids are crazy. Ate with the Hansen’s. Then had an unexpected lesson with Wayne Casey. Then finished the night with volleyball. Crazy day!

Saturday – We started today off going to see the Harter’s but they weren’t home so we decided to go the long way around the complex to see if we could run into Roger or Rachel. We ended up running into Roger and somehow got on the family history topic so we are going to try to do some family history on Wednesday with him. Then we had lunch and then headed to a baptism. We went to Gary Miller’s baptism for the 2nd Ward Sisters and it was a good service. Gary seems like he was so ready for it. We were talking after and I guess the Elders had stopped by his house a few days before the Sisters and he turned them down. President and Sister Smith were there as well and it was fun talking to them. It always is! Then the Defuniak Elders drove us down to Defuniak for the Defuniak Sisters baptism. Another great service! This one was for James Griffith and he was also so ready for the gospel! Then we stayed for their fellowship activity after and played volleyball and basketball. Elder Rasmussen and I played in dress clothes. I had to go no shoes during basketball but killed it!

Sunday – Today was a really good day! First thing we went and saw Brother Harter to get him to church. Had a great conversation and he said he would be there but he didn’t come L. After that meeting we ate and went to church. Brother Burbidge, Brother Taylor and Lauren Wadas all spoke and did a really good job! All about prayer and our heritage from God. Great church meetings today. After church we had dinner at the Cockrell’s and Brother Cockrell showed us something interesting in the Book of Mormon. He showed us how Lehi’s vision of the Tree of Life could be talking about the kingdoms of glory. Cool insight! After dinner we headed to the Burbidge’s for a lesson with their friends the Pfalzgraf’s (Pauls-Graf). Their 17 year old daughter Lauren has been reading the Book of Mormon and is in Helaman and she knows it’s true. She does dance with the Burbidges’s daughter Brooklyn. It was a great lesson and they are a great family! The downside is we have to refer them to the Navarre Elders.

Monday – Had an eye appointment first thing. I found out I am slightly near sighted and now have 20/30 vision.  I remember when it was 20/15 but it is on a slow decline. I am blessed to have as good of vision as I do. We also got to hang out with the Defuniak Elders Hintze and Larsen all day. They came down for basketball and that was fun. Played at Twin Hills. It is always a good time. Louisville’s starting point guard Chris Jones was there. He looks like he is pretty good. I believe he is a freshman from what the chatter said. We also went to “The Incredible Shoe Sale”. I got some really nice dress shoes for meetings. Then we ate at the Barbecho’s and got to teach Jamie a bit. That was so awesome! She sat down with us! Then I got online to order glasses because I couldn't do it as the library. The computer was being stupid.

Tuesday – Today we headed down to Niceville to their district meeting. Good district meeting. A fun group of missionaries are down there. Ate at the Chinese Buffet with them, and by “them” I mean Elder Swenson and Elder Smellie. Then we did our exchange with them. Elder Swenson and I went to Crestview and had a good day. First thing we did was teach Shelton who was not all there. He was laughing hard at the most random times. So I don’t know if he is accountable. After that we taught Chris Robbins and read 2 Nephi 33 with him and also read Ezekiel 37 and I think those may have hit him a little bit. Then we went to teach Gerald with Brother Wanner. Before seeing Gerald we talked with 2 other guys and invited them to come play basketball with us. Then Gerald didn’t end up being home so we taught his stepson and his stepson’s cousin. Their names were J.R. and Annie. Hope we can teach them again. Then we had a great dinner with the Climer’s. They make salmon and we had a light sabre duel. Legit! Then tried to see Danny but that didn’t work out. Then it dawned on me that we got an HQ referral today! Name is Jerry Barnett. Great guy! He let us in and we got to teach him. He has had some hard times. His daughter passed away in a car accident at 16 and his son died at 33. So the gospel should bring some peace.

Wednesday – Traded back and did some role plays with the Niceville Elders. That went well and we got way off task. Saw Jamie for a lesson and she read with us and also prayed! It was so awesome! Then we had a lesson with Judy our neighbor. Brother Dunn came with and we taught about the restoration of the gospel. She seems very humble and ready to learn but has a lot of change to make. She is such a kind lady! We then ate and then went back to the Barbecho’s to help them prep for their move. Took down a swing set and the shed in their backyard. It was really fun to do. I love doing service. Cleaned up for some dinner at the Boyd’s. We got ties and had them autograph them for us. They gave us the ties and they are really nice. Then we had our coordination meeting which was really long but a lot of fun.

Thursday – First thing we did today is go over to the Barbecho’s to continue helping them with prep for their move to North Carolina. We ate lunch with them and had an unexpected call from Elder Winter and we told him where we were so he came by. We told them to come in through the back door so they wouldn’t see them. It was pretty awesome. Jamie saw their care pulling up and it freaked her out a bit so we had to pretend it was the Sisters driving by. Then Elder Winter and Elder Rowan walked in right behind Jamie. We headed home to weekly plan and change. Then we had dinner at the Thatcher’s. They made some really good steak. Then we had basketball and no one showed so we went out to see a couple people with no luck. Also hit 21 months today! Almost forgot we saw Chris Nichols last thing and read with him in our car. It was good and really seemed to uplift him.

Friday – Today we went to see the Cockrell’s referral but he was busy talking to someone. We also realized that it was in the Olive Branch area. So we referred it to those Sisters. Then had a lesson with Jerry. Brother Wirt came and the lesson was pretty good but I feel we didn’t answer his questions as well as we could have. We were too wordy some of the time. Then Brother Wirt took us and his son, Nathan, to Los Rancheros. Elder Rasmussen and I realized some songs that were playing that we formerly thought were innocent are not! Then we got an oil change and I had a huge headache so we just chilled at the dealership! Looked at some of the cars. The new Impalas are sick! Saw Pat for a bit and got to talk to him a bit. He showed us a cool Evil Knievel comic book that he has that is signed by him. Had dinner and then volleyball.

Saturday – Went to the 2nd Ward Sister’s baptism. Really cool and spiritual service. Having a ton of success in the zone. Had lunch and studies and then biked a ton all day. Oh, we also taught Darren right after the baptism. That lesson was great! He just finished the Book of Mormon for his 2nd time. He just needs the spiritual witness that it’s true. Biked a ton to see Brother Harnet. Learned some interesting stuff from him. He was telling us that some guy came up with some sort of solar panel road. I guess they would be very efficient and would pay for themselves quick. Saw Ryan Kirkendoll briefly and their family is having some trials. He is such a nice guy. Met a homeless guy who actually seems pretty promising. As promising as a homeless guy can be. Today was so hot and we are tired. Good day though. As we were talking with Darren about church today he asked about how he should dress. We told him and he was telling us he would dress up but he couldn’t tie a tie. We told him we could teach him. Then I told him, “If ya teach a man to fish, he will eat for a lifetime. Teach a man to tie a tie, looks good forever.”

Sunday – Today was a great day! Had Ward Council and it was a really good council. Came home for our studies and lunch. Then back to the church to teach Darren with Andrew as our member presents. Darren is a smart guy and he seems to grasp things. He just needs a witness that it is true. Had great church meetings too. The Climer’s gave some great talks in Sacrament! Elders Quorum was good. Brother Climer was released as Elders Quorum President and Brother Wadas was then set apart with Brother Oliphant and Brother Wirt as his two counselors. Andrew taught Elders Quorum and the power went out while he was teaching. Then you just hear President Miller in his deep voice say, “Keep going”. It was pretty funny. Ate dinner at the Fisher’s and that was good. They are a really good couple. Celestial people! Talked with Glen Ashby briefly after that. Then I drove around a bit to show Elder Rasmussen some places just in case I get booted out of Crestview. Stopped by the Parson’s and had a really funny conversation and a great lesson and that was our day.

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