Monday, February 11, 2013

Monday 1/28/2013 – Sunday 2/3/2013

Monday was P-day again and I really can't believe how fast time has gone by! First we went and I got a haircut because I really needed one. Cleaned and shopped and played some BASKETBALL!! Had dinner with the O'Connor's and went to Ross so I could exchange the belt I got. We also tracted and found a couple potentials.

Tuesday we walked to Oprah's, Lydia's, Betty's, Vanessa's, Elmore's, Phillip's, Ebony's, Tracy's and Jess's. They are all investigators or potentials. We talked to a lot of people and gave away Book of Mormon's as we walked. We had a good dinner with the Kelly's and a little spiritual lesson. Then we taught Sister Kent and the lesson went a lot better than usual. We have a bit of a tougher of a time figuring out her and how to teach her.

Wednesday we had a pretty good day even though we didn't reach the goals we set. We went and saw a former and a bunch of less actives. I think only one of those people was home so we ended up tracting a lot. We met a lot of nice people and one we will go back to tomorrow. Then there was a crazy rain/wind storm that was blowing branches and all sorts of stuff off of trees so we were told to stay in for the night. Had food that the Shannon's gave to us.

Thursday was the last day of the month which is just crazy! Goes by so fast. Today was just a bunch of planning. Dan did stop by for a bit so hopefully we can start teaching him again. We also had a lesson with the Tucker's and decided to teach them the restoration of the gospel. Had Cafe Rio style burritos with the Garrison's and the Blythe's were there. Sister Blythe also brought this delicious cheesecake type stuff. Then Elder Mower came and dropped off some doughnuts that Elder Lovell's uncle dropped off for him.

Friday was rough. I was tired all day and it made it a struggle. All of our appointments also fell through so we were left so we tried to follow the spirit the best we could. Then we had district training which was great! I really love those and they always come when I really need them. President and Sister Jensen are so inspired!

Saturday was fantastic! We went street contacting and while we were doing that I saw that we were on Golden Street. So I told Elder Lovell that there had to be a Golden investigator on that street. So I turned around and saw a house with a truck and said it was the one. Nero opened the door and let us right in!! We taught him and we scheduled an appointment to go back. We also stopped by Frank's, the deaf guy, and gave him the ASL book of Mormon. Then we helped Jamy move and he is a potential now. Stopped by and saw a less active named William for a bit. Cool guy so maybe his wife will be interested in the future. Then ate some food with the Polk's which was awesome! They also gave us a bunch to take home.

Sunday was a great Sunday! Fast and testimony meeting and a ton of the youth were getting up and bearing their testimonies and it was awesome listening to them! Taught Tabatha and found out that she wants to wait for her husband to get baptized in December. So I hope that I can be here for that, but if I need to be somewhere else then I would be fine with that. We also taught ShirleyAnne today to try and see if we can help her out. Had some deaths in the family. Then had a dinner with the Paget's and they are fun and their kids are so energetic.

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